It is clear that using a wig is an ideal way to make your hair appearance become thicker, more voluminous and impressive. However, it can look not real if you apply wrong or keep it too shiny and synthetic. If your hair wig is in this situation, let’s find out the suitable method to remove it as well as to make your wig hair look as natural as possible.

How To Make A Wig Look Less Shiny

1. Why does your wig often look shiny?

Many kinds of wig look shiny and glossy because they are often made from synthetic hairs or mixed hairs which are processed to look newer and more attractive. However, if you choose the hair wig which is not suitable with your real hair, its effect will become worse.

Commonly, if you choose a kind of synthetic hair extensions or low quality hair wigs, fake traces will easily be seen. Thus, you need to take notice when buying them. Let’s choose to buy hair wigs of prestigious brands to make sure that they give the best image and quality.

Your Wig Often Looks Shiny

2. How to make a wig look less shiny?

Don’t be worried! There always have ways to make your wig look more natural and less shiny. Check them out now!

Using Dry shampoo

This is one of the most effective ways to remove shine from synthetic wigs. Let’s shake and apply it on your hair wig. Divide the hair into smaller sections to ensure the dry shampoo is evenly distributed. Keep spraying on your wig until the shine is removed to your satisfaction. These days, you can easily find for dry shampoos so that let’s choose the one which makes you feel the most comfortable.

Using Dry Shampoo

Using Baby powder

With gentle and mild ingredients, baby powder is safe for both skin and hair. To make hairs of the wig look more natural, you can try applying this kind. Let’s use a brush to make hairs smooth and then tap gentle to apply the baby powder all over the wig. However, don’t use too much powder because this can dull your wig anytime. After about 10 minutes, you shake off the power on the wig and use the brush to detangle hairs as well as make dirt fall out easily.  You only need to rinse hair with clean water and hairs will look gorgeous afterwards. Hair strands are smooth, fragrant and natural.

Using Baby Powder

Using Apple cider vinegar

Despite being a natural and traditional hair care method, using apple cider vinegar on hair wig is really a good way. This helps hair color look lighter and softer than initial. First, you need to prepare a sink of vinegar and water and soak the wig in around 20 minutes. After that, you rinse hair wig with clean water. You can also wash the wig with a kind of soft shampoo to ignore the smell of vinegar. Hair wig after being rinsed out and dried away, its color will look softer and much more natural.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Giving it time

The easiest way to take shine away from synthetic wigs is to let the shine fade on its own throughout wear. Synthetic hair will lose the shine quickly if you wear the wig often. Regular washing and conditioning will reduce the unnatural look and extend its lifespan. Instead of wearing the shiny wigs outside, you could use the wig inside your house. Within a week or two, you will see that the hair strands will slowly lose their shine.

Giving It Time

Using Real human hair wig

Everything which is real is always the most beautiful. Instead of using kinds of synthetic hair wig or silicon hair wig, let’s invest in a good real human hair wig. Real hair is essential soft and natural that is not too shiny. Its image is always smooth and impressive with many different styles and textures. Users will have the best choices according to their demands.

Using Real Human Hair Wig

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