If you have spent years perfecting your physical appearance, you should know that neither changing your height and weight nor improving your natural skin and hair is easy. But life gives you multiple options. For example, it is not difficult to install your wavy hair extensions using deep wave bundles with closure to have a new good look. However, you should take some notes to lengthen the hairpieces’ longevity and keep them as new as on the first date.

Why are deep wave bundles with closure so popular?

deep wave bundles with closure

Deep waves look voluminous and appealing. That you were born without perfect deep wave hair is not a big deal since deep wave bundles with closure could make a perfect combination for your hair extensions.

Girls fancy deep wave hair extensions as they bring attractive fullness and will last for a long time (about one year or even more). However, it happens only if you know how to use it and take care of it properly.

How to wash deep wave bundles with closure?

Deep wave hair wash

Deep wave hair extensions and any other type require the right washing technique to maintain their good look. Once you apply the right procedures, your hair will last longer than you may think and always stay beautiful.

To prepare for your strands wash, you should detangle them first by using your fingers or the right comb. You need to really patient not to break your locks. This will help reduce tangles during the washing process.

To avoid drying your hair, you are advised to use a pre-conditioner before shampooing. It shall help block moisture in your hair extension, hence, keep it shiny and healthy.

Deep Condition your Deep Wave extensions

If you use Remy hair bundles with closure for your hair extensions, you should keep in mind that the strands are no longer nourished with nutrients by a body, hence, they need extreme care from you.

You can use a deep conditioner as co-washing, so it requires you to be really careful. Make sure the deep conditioner is a great source of moisture and nutrients which brings both a good look from outside and good nourishment for the inside.

This is how you should do it:

Spread a good amount of conditioner on your hairpieces in a downward direction. You massage your strands gently using your fingers to ensure that all of them are well coated with the deep conditioner. Cover your hair by a shower cap and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Feel the hair smooth by your fingers. If there is any tangle, you would better condition that area again.

How to Dye or Bleach your Hair Extension

Like your natural hair, human hair extensions can be bleached and dyed into any of your desired colors.

For bleaching your hair, should you go to a hair salon or do it yourself at home? You may find it simple to watch some video guiding the bleaching process. However, it is not as easy as it looks. Just one wrong move could destroy your hairpieces as the hair is extremely sensitive to bleaching chemicals. Therefore, we suggest you go to visit your hairstylist for bleaching and dying services. Experienced stylists will give you good outcomes and useful hair care tips to have your hair well protected.

Deep wave hair

Sleep well with your deep wave bundles with closure

When you sleep tight, you are not likely able to control yourself from destroying your hair shape. Without any care, your hair will become tangled and loose after one night.

Before you kiss your bed, you can plait your hair into one or two braids or hold it up with a headband. Then you will use a satin cap to cover your hair up. The cap not only keeps your hair neat but also remain moistures in your hair. Rough caps are not recommended as they will strip all the oil and moisture from your locks, leaving them dry and dull.

Those advice will help you keep a good look for your hair through its lifetime. Additionally, we recommend you to use a wide – teeth comb to maintain the hair look. Proper care for your deep wave bundles with closure is extremely essential for your smart and beautiful life.


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