We all know about sleeping beauty – Aurora since we were kids. I’m pretty sure that some of you used to dream of being her once in life. However, you cannot become a princess, but you can be the most beautiful girl in daylight with a great nighttime. How come? Well, let’s see some tips below to keep hair nice overnight.

How To Keep Hair Nice Overnight

Braid your hair

For long hair girls, it takes a lot of time to detangle and style their hair in the morning. The longer your hair is, the easier it get knotted in your sleep. To avoid bed head, you should make 2 braids. Don’t make it tight or your straight hair can become waves. If you want to style it in wavy texture without using heat, you should add hair spray to hold the pattern. In this case, you can do different patterns by tightening or loosening your braids.

Style Your Hair While You Sleep

Sleep on a bun

Buns are good to keep hair nice overnight as well as style hair without using heat. The high buns won’t affect your sleep at all, no pain, no inconvenience. You can use elastic bands only or using a sock. How we do it? Firstly, tie your hair in a high ponytail. Then, twist your hair, at the same time, roll it to create a bun and secure by an elastic band. Also, you can divide it into 2 buns for different waves.

If you want to apply sock bun, let’s find a sock. Then, make it inside out and cut the tip (just a little bit, don’t make it wide). For the opposite side of the sock, roll it up in a donut-shape. And we’ve done first step. Now, fit your ponytail to the hole in the sock. If you have long hair, you can divide it in two sections, if it is shorter or you want small waves, you should separate it into 3-4 sections. Then, put your thumb and index finger in the hole of the sock, and pull your hair over it. Repeat until all your hair wraps the donut. Applying hair spray for better result, and that’s it.

Sock Bun

Wrap your hair

Have you heard about T-shirt plopping hair? It’s a great method for hair drying. However, you can make use of it to keep hair nice overnight. Especially, this one is good to define curly hair so that you take less time to style it in the morning. Let’s see the photo below to know how to do. Also, you can use a soft tower instead.

Plopping Hair

Use the micro-fiber pillow or silk one

Rough materials cause frictions and damages to your hair. Moreover, your hair tends to get tangle more when it contacts these materials. Hence, you should use the micro-fiber pillow or silk one which is soft and gentle to your hair.

Micro Fiber Pillow

Moisturizing your hair end

Your bed head happens when your hair is damaged. When the tresses are dry, hair cuticles become rough and hair follicles are opened. Thus, the hair frizzes. It is obviously that your hair ends get tangle every day when you wake up due to the lack of the hydration. As a result, you need to add moisture to it. This hair care every night not only keep hair nice overnight but also helps it healthy and beautiful.

Avoid bed head and keep hair nice overnight is not that hard, right? You may have many tips to solve this problem. We are glad if you can share with us. If you want to know more info about hair care, hair hacks, don’t forget to follow out blog. Have a nice day.


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