Beginners who start using lace frontals can meet trouble when applying them because of complex steps. Your real hair and scalp can get damaged if you do it wrong. Thus, it is necessary to find information about the method to install lace frontal before you buy and use them. All details are in this post so don’t ignore it!

1. How to install lace frontal

Step 1: Preparation

The step of preparation is always important when you do anything. It helps other steps become easier and quicker. To have a perfect look with the lace frontal, you need to prepare the necessary materials.

  • A good lace frontal: Obviously, this is the important thing you need to have the style. You should choose to buy this kind of hair extensions from a prestigious brand to make sure that it gives the best result.

Luxshinehair Lace Frontal

  • Some weave hair bundles: Because the lace frontal is just a half wig, it can’t cover all your head so that you need to use some more bundles to complete the style you want. If you don’t want to use more bundles, you should change to use a full lace wig to get the best coverage.

Weave Hair Bundles

For the demands of high-quality hair extensions above, you can visit Luxshinehair. This is a prestigious and famous brand that always guarantees to supply real human hair extensions with the best image and quality.

  • A wig cap: You need this thing to wrap your real hair before installing the lace piece. It is really necessary.
  • Hair blast spray, hair drier, face powder, specialized glue, scalp protector, scissors, comb: They are all essential so that don’t forget them!

You also need to wash your hair clearly to avoid dirt or lice that can make your hair extension application become terrible.

Step 2: Braid your own hair into hair cornrows.

To protect your real hair from the damage the best, braiding hair into cornrows is the ideal choice. You can braid into any size you want. Don’t try to braid hairs too tightly or too loosely because that can make more damage for your hair and scalp.

Braid Your Own Hair Into Hair Cornrows

Step 3: Wear the wig cap

You can easily buy a wig cap anywhere because it is quite popular. Let’s use this cap to cover your whole real hair. Let’s use blast spray to fix the wig cap and then cut excess parts around your headline and your ears. This step is absolutely simple and easy.

After that, you need to use face powder to make the wig’s color be suitable for your skin tone. The color of your scalp will become more real and natural if you do that thing.

Wear The Wig Cap

Step 4: Apply lace frontal

You smear specialized glue about the headline and around edges of the lace piece. Then, let’s stick the lace frontal on your head. At this step, you need to be very careful to install exactly as well as avoid making hairs get stuck. Don’t forget to use the hair drier to dry glue quickly!

Apply Lace Frontal

Step 5: Apply hair bundles

After fixing the lace piece, let’s apply weave hair extensions to have the most complete look. Using glue to stick hair wefts on the wig cap is very simple so that you can completely feel secured because your real hair will not be affected.

Luxshinehair Hair Weaves

Step 6: Cutting excess parts of the lace piece and make it look natural

Last but not least, you need to cut excess parts of hair extensions. Especially the lace part on the headline is very easy to be seen so that you can hide it with baby hairs or hair bangs. Styling hair afterward can take you some time but the final result will be very natural and wonderful!

Cutting Excess Parts

2. How to remove the lace frontal

After a period, the lace frontal needs removing and your real hair also needs relaxing. Many women got worse hair problems due to the wrong removal. They try to remove hair extensions by hand without any skill or liquid. That is so crazy!

Removing the lace frontal is simple. All thing you need is just a spray bottle with water. Just spray this liquid into the glued lace part directly, let it wet and take off easily.

Remove The Lace Frontal

After that, you should hang the lace frontal up so that it will not get tangled or dirty. You can wash it and be ready for the next application.

For now, let’s be self- confident and comfortable to install lace frontal as well as hair extensions to have a new amazing hair appearance.

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