We know that weave hair extensions are attached into real hair by the sewing method. People braid their real hair into hair corn rows and then use thread and needle to fix hair wefts with hair braids. This method is traditional and popular but it can make unexpected problems when you remove hair weaves. It will be more difficult and cause more hair damage.

To deal with that, we have a much better and more convenient way to have beautiful hair weaves on head. It is “quick weave“. Let’s have a closer look about this method via this post of “How to do a quick weave“!

How To Do A Quick Weave

1. Preparation

To have a quick weave style, you need to prepare more materials than applying normal sewing weaves. However, this method is considered easier, quicker and more effective.

  • Firstly, having weave hair extensions is essential. Commonly, women like quick weave bob styles than long styles so that short weaves or curly weaves are very popular. More importantly, you need to have good hair sources made from real human hair. Because if you choose synthetic hair or low quality hair, your hair can be damaged soon and look not natural.
  • Secondly, you need to have a kind of hair bonding glue. You can find for a brand that you believe to buy it. The good hair glue will help weaves to be fixed better. In fact, you can glue hair weft right on your hair braids. However, it will take you quite a lot of time and effort to remove them.
  • Next, it is the wig cap. When you have quick weave styles, you don’t sew hair weaves into your hair corn rows directly but paste them on the wig cap.
  • Scissors, needle and thread: Although this method is mainly using the glue, you will still need to fix the style a bit by these materials.

Ready For Quick Weave

To have the best weave hair products, you can contact Luxshinehair. The company is a prestigious brand in supplying all types of real human hair extensions from Vietnam. Hair is always nice, strong, smooth and high quality without any bug or synthetic hair inside.

2. Quick weaving

After having been ready for doing quick weave hair, let’s get started!

Step 1: Braiding your real hair into firm hair corn rows

All of your real hairs will be completely protected from external effects because they are braided regularly and firmly. You can make any style of hair corn rows you want they are not seen afterwards.

Braid Hair Cornrows

Step 2: Wearing the wig cap

After having neat hair braids, the next step you need to do is putting the wig cap on head. There are two basic way to fix the wig cap on your head. You can wear the wig on and then use thread and needle to fix with the hair cornrow inside. Other while, you can use a kind of specialized glue to attach the wig cap on your own scalp. Don’t forget to use scissors to cut extra part of the wig. This stage demands you to use your skillfulness more to have the best result.

You can leave a small hair cornrow at the top part of your head so that after you quick weave, you can let that hair part down and make the hairstyle become more real and beautiful.

Wear The Wig Cap

Step 3: Gluing hair wefts on the cap

Let’s stick available hair wefts on the wig to have the style you want. Obviously, you should attach hair weaves regularly and hermetically to make hair look more voluminous and eye- catching as well as hide the trace of the wig cap better.

Let’s apply hair weaves from the nape part to the top part because it is more convenient and quicker to give the nice hair weave style.

Gluing Hair Wefts On The Cap

Step 4: Fixing the weave style

After finishing the quick- weaving step, you need to fix the style to make it look as natural as possible. Make sure that final weft lines are not be seen by using small hair weaves and then pancaking hair strands. Of course, if you have left a real hair cornrow at the second step, you can unravel it and cover the hair wefts. The final image of hair will actually make you feel satisfied.

Fixing The Weave Style

How do you think about this method? As its name, this method both helps you to shorten the time applying weave hair extensions and gives you a gorgeous hairstyle. Don’t forget to visit our blog to have more interesting information of hairstyles, hair care and hair extensions!

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