Women with long hair are likely familiar with split ends which are a periodical problem damaging your hair and making it dry and frizzy. Too many splits ends could stop your hair from growing and turn your hair into a mess. A split end, to be simply explained, is the splitting of your tip hair. Every single hair could be split into two or more branches, looking like a feather.

Finding and cutting off the split ends, of course, do not work properly because it is just a very short – term solution. Here are some simple ways to help you get rid of split ends and enhance your hair texture.

Why do split ends appear?

The problem comes from your daily habits that you may underestimate their negative effects such as washing excessively and drying with a rough towel or high – heat dryer. Salon services with chemical treatments like hair dye, perms, and straightener would make things even worse. On the other hand, your mental and physical health must be one of the key factors causing this hair problem.

How to get rid of split ends

Properly use your towel for hair drying

hair towel

Your hair would easily become sensitive while being dried, as it seems to be weakest when wet. Therefore, it is suggested that you treat it as gently as you do to your face. That you usually rub your hair with a towel turns out to cause more breakage. You should use a soft towel only for gingerly squeezing the water out of your hair. This also helps save time you spend on the hairdryer.

Right hairdryer techniques


We all hate keeping our hair wet for so long after shampooing in the winter; yet if you really care about your split ends problem, it is worth your attention not to be so hasty to use hot air for a quick-drying process. Because the longer your hair exposes to high heat, the more likely it gets hurt severely.

High – quality hairdryers are recommended as the first tip. You would better focus more on the roots and the mid parts, letting the ends exposed to the secondary heat and moving the blast evenly for the best heat distribution. Considering your room temperature and your health condition, you can try your utmost to set the dryer at a cold air regime. Please be noticed not to touch your hair directly with the nozzle as it is more vulnerable than you may think.

Did your straightener do your hair ends any harm?

hair straightener

You may not like your naturally curly hair, yet your straighteners should never be at the highest setting even when your hair is thick or you are late for work. Faster is not always better. We agree that, in general, the hotter your tool is, the longer lasting your hair shape is kept. However, the best moldability of hair is only 180 degrees. That means a higher temperature is not necessary and harmful for any part of your hair. Furthermore, high heat is an enemy of keratin which contributes well to your hair shine and softness.

Simple natural hair masks

Natural resources are an ideal remedy for your damaging hair. We would like to introduce you some easy – to – make hair masks that helps prevent split ends and minimize frizz without drying your hair.

A cup of beer


Beer provides your hair with sugar and protein as a damaged hair follicles healer, your split ends will be considerably reduced as a result. This amazing conditioner also helps add volume to your hair.

How To Apply?

Make sure to choose flat beer instead of beer with fizz not to damage your hair. When you finish shampooing, just pour a cup of beer all over your hair and let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes then gently wash it off.

Beer, on the other hand, helps your hair grow faster than you may know, which is described speciffically here.

Honey Hair Mask


Honey is good for maintaining and regulating hair moisture. It also helps strengthen hair follicles and is rich in nutrition, helping prevent split ends. Here’s how easily you can apply a honey hair mask:

  • Mix 3 to 4 tbsp organic honey, 1 tbsp coconut milk and 3 tbsp milk in a bowl.
  • Spread the mask from the roots to the ends. You should skip the scalp if it is already an oily one.
  • Clip your hair up then keep it for 1-2 hours in a shower cap.
  • Gently rinse your hair using a herbal shampoo
  • Carefully dry your hair with a soft towel. Try not to use a hairdryer.

1 to 2 times per week should be the best frequency to use this easy hair mask for a perfect result.

Apart from those impacts that we could make on our hair from outside, it is highly advised that you should also take care of your mental and physical health at the same time. 


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