After applying weave hair extensions into your real hair, the next and important thing you need to do is caring for your hair weaves. If not, they will be very easy to be fallen out and make unexpected damage for your hair as well as your scalp. For every detail, let’s check them out right here with directions of weave hair care!

Weave Hair Care

1. Wash your hair weave

You can’t keep your hair weave waterproof all the time because hair will be very dirty and your scalp will be itchy and sticky. It is necessary for you to know the proper way to wash your hair with the least damage.

Step 1: Shampoo your hair weave

Because weave hair extensions are sewn your own hair cornrows, you can make hair tangles anytime when you taking shampoo. Thus, this step is extremely essential. Commonly, you can wash your real hair anytime you like but after using hair weaves, you had better shampoo your hair every 1 or 2 weeks for the most safeness.

Obviously, using warm water is the best choice. It is not too hot but not too cold so that your scalp will not be suddenly affected. After that, let’s pour some shampoo and massage it into your scalp and hair roots. Specialized kinds of shampoo for weave hair will give the better effect because they are soft and comfortable.

Wash Hair With Warm Waater

Step 2: Wash braided hair cornrows

You must been wondered that how can you wash your hair clearly without making tangles for hair cornrows, right? The answer is right here. Before washing your hair and hair weave, let’s make sure that your finger nails have been cut. Thus, you can’t use to make hair braids into trouble.

When using shampoo, you need to massage scalp parts which are between braided lines softly and carefully. After that, let’s shampoo the rest part of hair and rinse out the shampoo with clean water.

Step 3: Deep condition your hair

Using more deep condition hair care will help to moisturize your hair weaves and make them become softer and sleeker. You should only use a moderate amount of it and smooth it over your hair. Keep hair conditioner for about 15 minutes with a mild shower cap and rinse with cool water for a few times to remove all dirt and oil on hair.

Deep Condition Your Hair

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2. Taking care of hair weave after washing

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle

After shampooing hair, your hair with weaves will look very messy. Don’t be hurry to use your common hair brush. Using a wide- tooth comb is the best way. Although it has wide teeth, you still need to be careful and gentle when using it on your hair weave.

Don’t try to stretch hair strands because tangles and shedding will happen. They will make not only hair weave but also your real hair and scalp get worse damage.

Use A Wide Tooth Comb To Detangle

Dry hair naturally

Keeping hair weave dry naturally in the soft sunlight and wind is the best. Your hair and scalp will always be in the most comfortable status. In case that you don’t have much time to keep it dry naturally, you can use the hair drier. However, let’s use the low level of heat instead of turning the highest temperature level on. It can make hair become dry and frizzy.

Dry Hair Naturally

Moisture your weave if necessary

As for a lot of women, having dry scalp make their head feel itchy and uncomfortable as well as make your hair breakage become worse. It is because your scalp is less of humidity. Obviously, you need to moisturize your scalp and hair weave so as to keep them always in the most relaxed situation.

3. Protect your hair weave

Avoid scratching your scalp

Finger nails or sharp tools are top culprit cause hair tangles. Thus, let’s make sure that your scalp and hair are always kept away from them. Anytime you need to wash or moisture your hair, let’s be careful and gentle!

Avoid Scratching Your Scalp

Protect hair when you sleep

When going to sleep, you had better use a soft and thick towel to wind over hair and keep hair from unnecessary effects. Otherwise, you can keep your hair up and fix hair with a small clasp. Your hair can also be protected the best.

Protect Hair When You Sleep

Avoid high temperature

Hair weaves are also made from real human hair so that it can also get ruins anytime. Protecting hair from high heat, hot sunlight, UV beam, etc is necessary to help your hair always healthy, beautiful and strong.

Visiting your hairstylist frequently

Even when you are a busy woman, let’s spend at least twice times a week to visit your hair stylist. Your hair will be taken care of in the best way.

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Visiting Your Hairstylist Frequently

We hope that all the above informations of weave hair care tips will useful for you. Please visit Luxshinehair to find more about wonderful hair extensions!

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