If you cannot afford a salon service for your blowout hair, then think about doing it yourself at home. As long as you pay more attention to your usual hair care process, you could be able to blow out your hair for attractively voluminous hair.

What is a “Blowout”?

Hair blowout

Blowout is a technique built to volumize hair and make it attractively bouncy in a healthy way. A full blowout process, in general, should include washing and conditioning tips, drying, and maintaining the blowout.

Why do people need hair blowouts?

Girls who are not confident with their thin hair or thick but flat hair would like to make it look bouncy. However, some may hate to do harsh chemical treatments on their hair or find it inconvenient to have some hair extensions. If you love to keep your hair healthy and natural, you are recommended to take a look at the blowout process that we are going to introduce below.

A finishing process to blow out your hair at home

Step 1: Purifying Your Hair and Scalp

If you want your hair to be bouncy and feel light, you will need to remove all dirt or accumulations on it. Otherwise, your strands would likely be dull and tacky.

In case you love co-washing, you could use a moisturizing shampoo or an apple cider vinegar rinse on your strands to really cleanse your strands and scalp. That helps add shine and prevent fungus on your scalp.

Step 2: Get your hair detangled in the shower

Hair detangled

This step is to avoid interrupting your blowout process since you would better detangle your hair strands while you wash it rather than when you do blow-dry.

While applying a good amount of conditioner thoroughly from roots to ends, use a wide-tooth comb and start combing at the ends of the hair. You should never impatiently comb your hair at the roots first as it will likely cause broken and falling hair.

After that, you should clip your hair up and let the conditioner stay still for a little while before rinsing it out with cold water.

Step 3: Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning on your hair locks once a week is a trick for soft, bouncy, healthy hair, hence, it is a key step to blow out your hair. You would better towel dry your hair as much as you can before the deep conditioning for the best absorbance.

Women with coarse hair should spend more time letting the conditioner really work on their hair. A heat cap could help with better penetration of the conditioner on and into your hair shafts. You should not underestimate the rinsing step. Any conditioner left could likely make your hair clammy, stiff, and full of hateful flakes.

Step 4: Blow Drying to blow out your hair 

Blow drying

You could choose a separate brush and blow dryer or only a dryer specialized designed for hair blowout.

Before blow-drying, you have to apply some heat protectants throughout your hair to keep your hair intact. Good protectants not only shield your hair from but also protect it from UV rays and settle frizz.

Then, you gently start at the nape, blowing out medium-size sections at a time and also holding it for a few seconds at the roots. Keep working your way up to the top of your head.

Even if your hair is thick, you will not need more than 30 minutes to finish to have your bouncy hair.

Step 5: Flat Ironing 

Flat iron to make curls

It sounds a bit funny but you could use a flat iron to make your hair look less flat. You should do with small hair sections separately. Twist the tool to create some bouncy curls. The hot tool should be set at low heat only not to ruin the whole process of hair blowout. I mean you are trying to do the work in a healthy and smart method.

To make your hair look like it is blowing in the wind even in your windless room, you will finger-comb your hair to break up the curls. Now you could smile at your new lively look in the mirror.

Step 6: Maintain your fresh hair blowout

To keep your hair blowout looking good for at least a week, you need to avoid friction and humidity, which will flatten your strands and cause frizz.

When your hair becomes flat, you could twist your hair into a mid-level ponytail to create soft curls. Hair elastics may result in friction and tension on the hair shaft, hence, you should use hair clips instead. Whenever you kiss your bed, a silk or a satin pillowcase should help.

We bet you realized it is easier than you thought to blow out your hair at home. It is not much different from your usual hair care process other than some simple notes introduced above. Your cute bouncy hair is waiting to meet you the next tomorrow morning.

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