Are you always patient and skillful enough for countless braids as in the picture below? To me, um, not likely! My life is busy enough so I decided to simplify it with my braided ponytail extension. If you have the same idea as mine, why don’t we go through all of these?

How many types of braided ponytail extensions are there exactly?

Actually, I have no idea about that. Each designer has his own way to create his product, and I find these types below are just ideal to try. Of course, they have their pros and cons, and please the different demands of different users.

1. Braided ponytail extension with ribbon

pony with ribbon

Imagine how much time and effort this ponytail could save you? If my hair is long and thick enough and I wish to have lots of thin braids like that, I would definitely ask my friend for her help, since my clumsiness will turn them into a mess.

You could either tie your real hair into a bun or a ponytail before you apply your hairpiece. The fabric ribbon will help attach your ponytail into your real hair. Don’t tie the ribbon too tight as it may cause your real hair breakage.

2. Braided ponytail with claw

pony with claw

A braided ponytail extension with claw is even more time – saving than the type with ribbon. It is as fast as the way you use your claws to fix your hair every day. But as I find my usual claws inconvenient sometimes, the claw of your ponytail extension may be too tight or too loose to hug your real hair.

A tip for you if you feel like the claw is dropping out of your own hair: Make a bun or tie your real hair by a scrunchy to increase the diameter. In case it hurts your scalp, you had better try another pleasant type of ponytail.

3. Braided ponytail extension with a circle elastic

circle elastic

Oh, isn’t it cute? The ring elastic definitely rocks. When you apply this lovely tail, it should look as natural as you tie your real hair with a small elastic. But make sure the elastic is tight enough not to fall out.

After a period of use, the elastic will be stretched out due to the tail’s weight. You could easily replace it with a new one as long as the hair is still usable.

4. Braided tail with drawstring

pony with drawstring

This kind may look more complicated than the ponytail with elastic but the drawstring is adjustable. However, this string is not very durable. You should use it carefully and ask your provider to provide some additional strings together with the hairpiece if possible.

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Could you change the style later?

It depends on the material of hair used to make your braided ponytail extension. If it is made of human hair, then, Yes!

You can’t help getting bored of the same braided style after a few times wearing it. But after you remove the old braids, the weird shape will be left on your strands. You will want to leave it for a while to take back the natural texture or use hot tools to create a totally new shape.

How to keep your ponytail in good shape after removing the braids?

braided ponytails

When you wash your ponytail, it is time to hydrate them since it no longer receives the natural nutrients and oils as our real hair does. Alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are recommended for your hairpiece to avoid stripping oils absorbed. As your ponytails do not contact closely with grease and dirt on your head, you will not need to wash it often. In addition, natural hair masks should be used to nourish your hairpiece and make it as good as new.

Braided ponytail extensions’ texture is usually straight, but if you want to remove the braids and make them curly or wavy, they will need more careful care. After you wash it, gently squeeze water left by a soft towel. Then spread it on a clean and smooth surface to let it dry naturally or use a hairdryer with cool air. Hanging curly or wavy ponytails vertically may make them outstretched by the wet hair’s weight. You could do this with straight hair only but avoid strong winds or it may become messy.



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