Practically, a 360 lace frontal seems to cover your head with a larger area than a 4×4” closure. Therefore, some people would love to choose it to easily make variable hairstyles like a ponytail for example. If you buy a 360 lace frontal, you will need to use some hair bundles in the middle. This article aims to help you answer your enquiry: How many bundles do you need with a 360 lace frontal?

How does a 360 lace frontal look like?

01 360 lace frontal

You should know in advance what a 360 frontal is to decide if you will need it for your hair extensions. 360 lace frontal is a headband – shaped lace of hair which has hooks in the back. The number 360 means 360 degrees, suggesting that it shall give you a complete hairline going around your head. For easier imagination, it should look like a wig without the middle, hence we need some bundles sewed in.

You may want to learn more interesting things about a 360 frontal especially how to apply it right here.

Why should you use a 360 lace frontal instead of smaller closure pieces?

Many girls are interested in this product as it is easy and fast to install. As long as you properly use the hooks to make the frontal perfectly fit your head, it is as fast as you wear a hat to place it at a right position.

As mentioned above, a 360 frontal covers most of your head, hence you will need less weave bundles. The number of bundles you should use is generally 2 or 3 for a combination with 360 lace frontal.

Flexible hair styling: you can make variable hairstyles with 360 frontal that you want, especially a high pony tail thanks to the complete round shape of the frontal. Furthermore, it is your choice to freely part your hair at any position as its name suggests.

Using 360 lace frontal with bundles would save you some money as they are much cheaper than a complete wig.

So, how many bundles do you need with a 360 lace frontal?

For the best combination, you need time to consider the number of bundles you will use. Because we actually have different natural hair’s volume, head size; and desire different hair style, length.

What is your favorite hairstyles?

In general, straight hair looks much thinner than wavy and curly hair; hence, you may have to use more bundles for this hairstyle. We suggest you to buy 2 or 3 bundles of curly or wavy hair, while for straight hair extensions, you may need about 4 or even 5 ones for a perfectly full look.

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How long are the weave bundles?

Generally, the longer the hair bundles are, the bigger number of bundles is required. We recommend you to use more bundles if you wish to own a fuller look for your hair. The chart below shall hopefully give you some suggestions for your plan.04 360 lace frontalAn important note: To measure curly and wavy hair length, stretch them out to the longest possible length to get the precise result.06 360 lace frontal

Your head size

You could figure it yourself by wrapping a measuring tape around your head from ear to ear. The average head size of women globally is from 22 – 23 inches. If your head size is equivalent to the average size, you may need 3 bundles of hair. For the bigger sizes of head, 4 or even 5 bundles should be ideal according to the length and thickness you would love.

Is your natural hair voluminous?

Also, your natural hair volume recommends the number of hair bundles you should prepare to go well with a 360 lace frontal. Voluminous hair would be loved by many people, yet you should consider your natural hair’s volume to avoid weighing your hair down.

The article shall hopefully give you a full explanation for your question “How many bundles do you need with a 360 lace frontal?”. With those information provided, you are now ready for a new gorgeous look with whatever hairstyle you love. Using a 360 lace frontal with bundles for hair extension should be a wonderful experience in your beautiful life.


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