Each kind of hair extensions has its own advantages that attract the attention of customers. U tip hair can not as popular as bulk hair, weave hair or clip in hair but they are really wonderful hair extensions. Let’s check out all things of U tip hair extensions right in this article to have a more thorough look about them!

1. What are U tip hair extensions?

U tips are a kind of keratin hair extensions. Their structure is similar to I- tips, V tips or Flat tips. The main difference is the shape of the keratin bonded tip. Tips have the clear U- shape that helps customers to identify better. Because they are keratin tips, they are small but firm.

U Tip Hair Extensions

U tips are also called Hot fusion hair extensions because they are installed to the hair by heating up. They are long term hair extensions that you can maintain for several months with the good care.

2. How to apply U tip hair extensions?


Everything can only work well when you prepare thoroughly. To wear U tips on your hair in the quickest way, you need to have:

  • Good U tip hair extensions: These hair products are not rear so that you can easily find out. However, fake and low quality products are spread. You can meet unexpected trouble if buying and using them for a long time.
  • Fusion tool: Obviously, you need to use this to melt the keratin bonded layer on the tip and attach it into real hair.
  • Tail comb, sectioning clips, protecting plates: They are useful to help the application become simpler.


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How to put in U tip hair extensions

  • Firstly, it is making a horizontal hair line. Instead of making a diagonal or a straight line, putting hair tips in the horizontal hair gives the more impressive result.
  • Secondly, you use the tail of the tail comb to take a small piece of hair, put the protecting plate on over the hair and crimp it with above hair part by a clip.
  • Next, you put an U tip on the hair piece and use the fusion tool to melt the keratin layer. You need to make sure to put the tip far from your scalp at least 1 cm.
  • After that, you roll the melted bone in to a round shape with your fingers. You can use rubber fingers to protect your own fingers better from heat. You should fix the tip tightly to give the best result.
  • Then, you can take off the initial protecting plate and apply other hair tips. Let’s always be careful and skillful to avoid making unexpected damage for hair.

How To Apply U Tip Hair Extensions

3. How many U tips do you need?

This is up to the thickness of hair that you want. Commonly, you will need about 50 tips to add hair highlights and from 80 to 150 tips to have hair with the perfect length and volume. You should buy 2 bundles of U tip hair extensions at least to apply comfortably.

Bundles Of U Tip Hair

4. How to remove U tip hair extensions?

Removing hair tips needs the carefulness. You need to use the fusion tool to melt the bonded glue and then gently take the tip off. After that, let’s apply some keratin glue remover to the left over residue.

When the glue is dry, you press and crack it with the specialized pliers. After unraveling,you can use the comb to brush hair smoothly as initial. The process can be a bit longer but it helps your hair to be away from heavy damage.

How To Remove U Tip Hair Extensions

5. Are U tip hair extensions good?

U tips hair extensions are not often used because the process of applying and removing hair is relatively difficult, especially as for beginners. However, they are also considered good hair extensions because you can easily control the volume of hair that you want to give the best hair image.

Obviously, if you buy good hair tips with good quality, you will be actually satisfied with the final result after applying them on hair. You should use real human hair extensions from a prestigious brand to make sure that hair is protected the best.

Good U Tip Hair Extensions

How do you think about this article of U tip hair? Please visit our website frequently to read more about useful information of hair!

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