Talking about popular types of hair extensions, we often talk about weave hair, clip in hair or wig. There are not many people mention about keratin boned hair extensions. In fact, this kind takes us a lot of time and efforts to complete as well as to take care. However, it will be gorgeous if your hair can go well with these extensions.

1. Description of keratin hair extensions

The concept of keratin hair

Keratin hair is also called tip hair. Hair strands are fixed into small bunches and boned with keratin at the root part of hair. When you need to wear them on hair, you need to use specialized beads or use heat to melt the keratin layers and attach them on your real hair.

You will need to have at least 30 tips of keratin hair to make hair look thicker and more voluminous. Time to applying can be quite long but the final result will never make you disappointed.

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Keratin Hair

Advantages of keratin hair

Hair tips are chosen by millions of women all over the world because they have diverse strengths that attract the attention of customers.

Firstly, they have the big quantity. A bundle of keratin hair with 100 grams can have about 100 hair tips. Thus, you can use them freely on any positions on hair that you want to make hair become thicker and more beautiful.

I Tip Hair Extensions

Secondly, they are easy to use. Many people say that applying keratin hair extensions are really very difficult. However, it is really not as bad as that. We use specialized beads to link real hair and hair tips. This is completely simple without making bad effects to you scalp and your own hair. Obviously, when you use heat method to attach hair tips on, its risk is a bit higher. However, it can be perfect when you ask for another help with the more objective look and skillful hands.

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Next, they are not easy to be seen because they are small tips which are firmly applied into your real hair. With that advantage, you can play hard without worrying that hair extensions can be fallen out anytime.

Obviously, we can’t ignore the strength of its lifespan. After being worn on hair, these wonderful hair tips can exist on your hair for about 2 to 3 months. With the solid keratin layer and the perfect applying method, they always look nice.

Types of keratin hair extensions

Keratin hair extensions are divide into 4 main types. They are I tip hair, V tip hair, U tip hair and Flat tip hair. Tips has the shape like their names so that they are very easy to recognize.

If you need keratin hair extensions which are easy and quick for using, I tip hair will actually the top choice. Using beads with this type is much easier than using with other types. Of course, it is not necessary for you to use heat to melt the keratin bonded layer. Thus, this is the hair products which is best sold among kinds of tip hair.

As for other types like U tip, V tip and Flat tip hair, using heat to attach hair extensions into real hair is more popular. Steps can be a bit complicated but that gives the more effective maintenance on hair. In addition, Breakage and damage are also less when you wash hair or take part in strong activities.

Types Of Keratin Hair Extensions

3. Take care tip hair extensions

No matter which type of tip hair you choose is and which method you apply, keratin bonded hair extensions can’t remain long on your head if you don’t take care of them softly and skillfully. Let’s always remember that the hair breakage while using hair tips can happen anytime because hair is bonded by keratin gel. Thus, when after having them on hair, don’t scratch your scalp too strongly and frequently. In addition, washing hair also needs to be mild and gentle as well as possible.

When you feel that keratin tips need to be changed, let your hair relaxed for some days before continuing wearing other hair extensions.

How To Care For Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

We hope that these suggestions will be useful for you to have amazing looks with keratin hair extensions. For more information, you can visit Luxshinehair store to find out all things you need for beautiful hair images.

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