If you are a loyal fan of DC Extended Universe in general and a fan of the film “Suicide Squad”(2016) in particular, you must have been too familiar to the character “Harley Quinn”. This beautiful but crazy woman is one of the most outstanding highlights in the DC’s blockbuster film. More impressively, her hairstyle becomes the endless inspiration for hairstyles of a lot of girls all over the world because it is too beautiful and gorgeous. Today, let’s check out all things about Harley Quinn hair together with Luxshinehair!

Harley Quinn Hair

1. Some information of Harley Quinn

Before discovering about Harley Quinn hair, let’s check out some interesting and necessary information of this woman so as to understand more clearly about her character as well as the reason for her hairstyle.

Harley Quinn is a fictional character that DC Comics creates. In live- action version, this role is played by Margot Robbie, who is a famous and skilled sexy woman. Harley is essentially a psychiatrist whose real name is Harleen Frances Quinzel. She is in charge of treating mental illness for the crazy clown Joker. Unfortunately, instead of curing him of this illness, she falls in love with him madly and get controlled by him. Harley Quinn becomes Joker’s woman and she can do everything for him. Even when she is arrested in jail, she always misses Joker.

Harley Quinn And Joker

Harley is considered a crazy woman with lascivious and rebellious characteristics but she is very beautiful and talented. She is one of the most dangerous supervillain who is risky and scared of nothing. Harley becomes one of members in Suicide Squad who struggle with the bad supernatural power for human’s security.

2. Harley Quinn hair in “Suicide Squad”

Even when Harley Quinn is in the worse situation, she is still looks extremely beautiful and charming thanks to her beautiful face, impressive makeup style, sexy body and also her unique hairstyle. No one can deny that Haley Quinn hair is actually gorgeous and eye- catching.

Harley Quinn initial hair

As you have known, when she is Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She always looks neat, polite and mature with long straight blonde hair. Sometimes, she ties hair and put it on a side of her shoulders and sometimes she has a bun. In film, Margot Robbie actually reappears the comic character very well.

Hair bun shows the soft and mature images of the professional psychiatrist. Whereas, blonde hair is active and attractive. She also wears a pair of glasses which look so smart and impressive.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel

In another scene when she is mad in love with Joker, Harley still wears glasses but her image is much more rebellious and crazier. She has long blonde wavy hair with side part style and without bangs. Combing with work clothes and soft makeup, she still looks so attractive.

Harleen Quinzel

Harley Quinn hair

After becoming Joker’s lover, she becomes crazier with reckless and more sexual images. She becomes a completely new Harley Quinn. Her hair is changed into a style that is not similar to anyone in common life.

Harley Quinn between in comics and in film

In comic version, Harley Quinn hair is the combination between the two distinct colors. They are blue-black hair and red hair. Hair is tied into the unique and active pigtail hairstyle. Honestly, these colors bring to Harley Quinn the appearance which is very outstanding but they look a bit dark and full of enmity.

Harley Quinn Between In Comics And In Film

To make the image of Harley Quinn in film look brighter and more impressive, Director David Ayer transformed her hairstyle into a new style which is more attractive, creative and of course more beautiful. A side of her blonde hair is dyed with light blue color on ends while the other side is dyed with bright pink color on ends.

Harley Quinn in freedom

When she was still in freedom with Joker, she had her hair down. Hair was relaxed but the two color were very outstanding so they made her appearance become more charming than ever. This ombre hairstyle is clearly too impressive and it looks better with her thick makeup, a lovely heart tattoo on cheek and her white and sexy body. Let’s see! Whether anyone can resist her charm of Joker’s Queen?

Harley Quinn In Freedom

Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

After Harley Queen took part in the special mission of the US Government as a member of Suicide Squad, she had pigtail hairstyle. We can see that this style is similar to the original version but it is much more beautiful and impressive. Pigtail hair is essentially awkward and unfashionable but when it is on Harley Quinn’s hair, it becomes the hairstyle which looks absolutely unique and eye- catching. Hair waves are natural and soft while colors are so dazzling. This charming woman also keeps some front hair strands to have eye- catching long bangs. That is so amazing, right?

With this hairstyle, Harley displays her crazy and risky characteristics in the clearest way. She is mad in love, mad in her behavior but she is always optimistic, brave and sensible in struggle for her friends.

Harley Quinn In Suicide Squad

Millions girls in the world even cosplayed this hairstyle because of its creativeness and colorfulness. Many people have to admit that “I haven’t watch the film “Suicide Squad” but I know Harley Quinn. Her appearance is actually impressive!”

2. Harley Quinn hair in “Birds of Prey”

The risky and rebellious Harley Quinn will return one more time in 2020 via the next film of DCEU called “Birds of Prey”. If in “Suicide Squad” Harley Quinn makes us feel jealous with her beautiful love with the wicked clown Joker, in this new film, it sounds that there will have a break up between them and the return of a furious Harley starts.

Harley haven’t appeared with long wavy hair with her common three- color hair. Instead, she has short hair with rainbow colors. Obviously, she still has her familiar pigtail hairstyle but she keeps some shaggy bangs and extremely outstanding hair colors. She has blonde, blue, green, orange, yellow and purple all in her hair. That is so interesting!

With this hairstyle, she and her siblings are “birds of prey” according to both literal meaning and figurative meaning. Let’s wait for a completely new Harley Quinn in this new film!

Rainbow Pigtails
Rainbow Pigtails

For now, it’s time for us to stop the writing here. We hope that you will have wonderful impressions with these details of Harley Quinn hair. If you are having an idea of cosplaying for the coming Halloween occasion or for any festival, why don’t you try these Harley Queen styles? They will actually help you become more impressive and outstanding than ever.

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