Have you ever dreamed about a long and trending hairstyles? Do you know that your hair types also play an important role in the hair length, so choosing the right length for your hair is not an easy thing. Many people misunderstand when they describe their hair. But, it doesn’t mean that there is no way to deal with this.  In this article, let’s dig into information about the hair inches chart which can help you much in choosing the expected hair length.

Why Should You Use Hair Extensions Length Chart?

Actually, we use the hair inches chart to understand the difference between the lengths and textures of hair. Whether your hair straight, wavy or curly, you can use this chart. Through the chart, you can see each hair texture appears in different lengths. However, you should notice that straight hair can give you the longest size. If you choose curly or wavy hair, your extensions may be shorter. If you want to buy any type of hair extensions, use an extension length chart will help save your time.

If you are new to buy and wear human hair extensions, you may misunderstand or don’t know how to select the right hair length. For purchasing your desired length, make sure to understand how to measure your hair length. In the hair length chart, the hair is measured by stretching to straight to get the most exact length. In other words, whether your hair texture is curly or wavy, you need to stretch it to measure as exactly as possible.

Choose a little longer hairpiece if you are still not sure about the length to order because you can cut it to style shorter.

Why Should You Use Hair Extensions Length Chart?

How To Choose The Most Suitable Hair Length Through Hair Inches Chart?

Before choosing the hair length, you should consider your hair texture and face shape first.

Hair Textures

Hair textures play an important role in determining how you will look. Keep in mind that not all hairstyles suit every hair texture. Long curly hair can make you look younger or older compared to your real age. If you are not sure, visit a hair salon or ask a professional for advice.

Hair Textures

Face Shapes

It is important to consider not only hair textures but also your face shape. For example, some hairstyles and lengths are more flattering on square faces but they cannot work well on round faces.

If you have an oval face shape, it is your luck because this face shape suits most of hair lengths and styles.

Follow the hair length chart inches, you can have a beautiful long hair or a short cut as desired.

Face Shapes

Hopefully, our sharings on hair length chart can help you choose the best hair length. Raise your voice if you have any questions or requests. We’d love to hear from you. Visit Luxshinehair.com for more information. Even, if you want to purchase hair extensions, contact them. Their products ranging from clip in hair, tape in hair, weave hair to wig hair extensions must satisfy you. Thanks so much for your reading!


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