Everything you need to know about Vixen sew in

Everything you need to know about Vixen sew in

Back to few years ago, Vixen sew in method became famous in one night only! A stylist filmed her work with this new installation...
Straight Hair Wig

Beequeenhair’s high quality Straight hair wig: Brief introduction

Beequeenhair, one of the leading hair companies in Vietnam, is a professional agent supplying high quality human hair. Our product list includes a large...
How To Make A Wig Look Less Shiny

How to make a wig look less shiny and more natural

It is clear that using a wig is an ideal way to make your hair appearance become thicker, more voluminous and impressive. However, it...
Lace Closure

Popular ways for you to Install a Lace Closure

Lace closure is a popular type of hair extensions that are loved much by women all over the world. However, installing it sometimes makes...
Brunette Pixie Hair

Brunette Short Hair- The graceful and enchanting style

If you are finding for a hairstyle which is both soft and energetic, don't ignore the choice of brunette short hair. There are a...
Apply Lace Frontal

How to install and remove lace Frontal for beginners

Beginners who start using lace frontals can meet trouble when applying them because of complex steps. Your real hair and scalp can get damaged...
Take Care Of Blonde Hair Extensions

Best hair care for Blonde hair extensions

Even when hair extensions you choose are made from real human hair, you always need to take care of them the best to have...
Using Hair Extensions

Find out about Hair extensions pros and cons

There are millions of women using hair extensions each day. These products are convenient and useful for their new appearance. However, using hair extensions...
Wear 360 Frontal

Decoding the attraction of 360 frontal

Types of hair extensions are often upgraded to meet various demands of customers all over the world. Especially in these days, 360 frontal has...
Sew In Hair

Wearing Sew in hair extensions is so wonderful!

Talking about types of hair extensions which are traditional but popular, we can't ignore Sew in hair extensions. When having them, your new hairstyle...

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