01 bundles

All Interesting Things You Should Know About Hair Bundles For Extensions

We all desire a perfectly beautiful natural hair, yet we were born different. Some find their hair not thick enough. Some are not pleasure...
How Long Is 10 Inch Of Hair Extensions

What You Have Never Known About Hair Extensions Of 10 Inches

Have you ever thought that girls will feel more confident when they own the right hairstyle? Someone may feel uncomfortable with their thin and...
360 lace frontal

How Many Bundles Do You Need With A 360 Lace Frontal?

Practically, a 360 lace frontal seems to cover your head with a larger area than a 4x4” closure. Therefore, some people would love to...
Why Should You Use Hair Extensions Length Chart?

Hair Length Chart: What You Don’t Know May Make You Shocked

Have you ever dreamed about a long and trending hairstyles? Do you know that your hair types also play an important role in the...
32 Inch Hair Extensions

32 Inch Hair Extensions: Amazing Length To Take Off Your Lifeless Look

Do you agree that it’s time for a new era that all women need to change their look for looking more beautiful?Hair extensions are...
Hair Weave Length Chart

Why Should You Use Weave Inches Chart?

Weave hair extensions are now widely used because of their lifespan and easy installation. With these extensions, you can do it yourself or go...
side part weave with leave out

A Guide For Beginners To A Side Part Weave With Leave Out

Over tens of years, weaves are great protective styles that allow you to give your natural hair a beautiful look without a long-term commitment....
8 Inch Hair Extensions

Why Should You Choose 8 Inch Hair Extensions?

Have you ever felt worried about your thin, short hair because you cannot create many gorgeous hairstyles for it? Nowadays, your anxiety will be...
Sleep On A Silk Or Satin Pillowcase

How To Sleep In Your Wig

Actually, daily sleeping in wig is not recommended by wig experts because it can cause your hair damaging. However, if you just sleep in...
Two toned weave from Beequeenhair

Two toned weave from Beequeenhair

If you get bored with your hair color, just rock it up with different colors. Get cautions, dyeing and bleaching powders absolutely affect your...

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