Rice Water for Hair: Yay or Nay?

In many Asian countries, rice is the most essential food in everyday meals. Not only that, but the women there also use rice water...
Strand test

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Normally, people shampoo when they notice their greasy hair or itchy scalp. Or they just follow a fixed schedule which they “guess” that is...

In Case You Love To Learn About Low Porosity Hair Care

Why are we talking about hair porosity? You may find your hair dry, lifeless, and easy to get tangled or frizzy. If you ask...
Healthy hair

A Word of Advice: Do Not Ignore Your Stringy Hair

Stringy hair results from too much natural oil of the scalp (sebum) on the hair shaft. The oil shall make the hair stick together,...
Food coloring

How to Color Your Hair without Using Chemical Dyes?

What if you have your hair dyed today and soon become fed up with it after a short period of time. We all agree...
Lavender Essential Oil

Best oils for hair growth and thickness you should try

You fell in love with a hairstyle that requires voluminous and long tresses? You are not patient enough to wait for your thin and...
Hair blowout

How to Blow Out Your Hair at Home with an A – to –...

If you cannot afford a salon service for your blowout hair, then think about doing it yourself at home. As long as you pay...
Curly hair

What is Co-washing and who should Co-wash?

Commonly, girls will wash their hair with usual shampoo and then use the usual conditioner after that. They may not be so sure about...
Hair hacks

Weird Hair Hacks: Could You Be Lazy But Beautiful?

If your hair care process is as boring and time-consuming as you often do at hair salon and use your regular chemical shampoos and...
Remy hair bundles with closure

Wise care tips for your hair extensions using Remy hair bundles with closure

You may have some experiences in taking care of your natural hair. However, once you get some hair extensions, you should keep in mind...

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