People always care about upgrading their looks in better ways. Commonly, they pick hair salon for their favorite color or hair surface. Others have a tendency apply hair extensions, which are considered as the solid hair beauty tools.

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Besides, they likewise think about the ways in keep up their hairstyle in the longest time. For the solid hair care, natural mask is suggested even they applying hair extension, existing hair and scalp still need protected. Natural mask will be created from 100% natural components which people can believed in the wellbeing of these methods.

Egg hair mask

The first hair mask that people can undoubtedly get ready without anyone else is utilizing the egg. Normally, an egg can be utilize all as both yolk and the egg white to provide the best condition for the hair. While egg white can deal with oily hair, the egg yolks only is used for saturating dry hair. Event applying hair extensions as Vietnam hair, applying eggs mask should be considered.

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You can apply egg mixture directly to your hair and then leaving it for 20 minutes. After that, washing your hair with cool water or added for the total clean. After a period of time applying, people can gain their soft and healthy hair with this kind of natural hair mask.

Dull hair is possible if people apply some kind of hair beauty treatment in the hair salon with chemical and heat. Hair can turn dull if individuals don’t utilize the correct route for upkeep even they can apply hair extensions to manage that. Secure your hair before any danger of dull hair show up is vital activities.

Sour cream or plain yogurt products

The mask conducted from sour cream or plain yogurt products are suggested. It is said that lactic acid in these products can gently strip away dirt and the milk fat give moisture. With a half cup of sour cream or plain yogurt and massage gently, you can totally feel relax. Waiting for 20 minutes and then you can have a healthy hair. Finishing with washing hair clean with warm water or shampoo if need. Your hair can be in healthy and strong for the use of this way every week.


Lemon works well in treating the itchy scalp which is from your stress, pollution, and poor diet. The mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can repair your hair to the best condition.

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The formula for mixture olive oil, lemon, and water in the follow of 2:2:2 at that point kneading into sodden scalp. Sitting tight for 20 minutes, at that point wash hair painstakingly with cleanser hair. You can apply lemon for consistently to get recoup your dull hair.


Honey works well in natural hair care treatments. Research claims that applying honey regularly can bring natural humectant creating an attracted and soft hair.

You need to prepare a half cup of honey for massage your hair damaged and waits for 20 minutes. Nectar goes about as egg, which can help recharge the keratin protein bonds that daylight assault. You can apply nectar once a month to get a more advantageous hair.

People can pick the most suitable homemade hair care treatment to gain the healthier and stronger hair.

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