Applying quick weaves is quite simple and convenient but the process to remove them can make you meet trouble. If you do it wrong, both your real hair and hair weaves can easily be damaged and broken. Don’t be too worried because you will get the best solution after reading this post of “How to take out a quick weave?”

Quick Weave Removal

1.How to remove a quick weave

Step 1: Prepare a kind of specialized glue remover

Glued weaves can’t be fallen out easily if not being affected by the specialized remover. You need to use detergent for the edge as well as the connection between the wig and the real hair. Water can weaken the glue but not completely clean it so that the glue can be curdled and make worse hair tangles.

Because glue removers are sold popularly, you will not have any difficulty with finding a suitable kind. In case you don’t use the remover, you can consider using conditioner or hair spray. The effect is also relatively good.

Hair Glue Remover

Step 2: Apply the glue remover

You need to wait 20 minutes for the remover to penetrate into the wig cap and then you can take hair wefts out more easily. Don’t regret using a large volume of glue remover because hair extensions can be removed with the least damage.

If the quantity of hair weaves you apply is much, you need to be patient. Glued- hair wefts can easily be tangled or stuck at somewhere. Let’s use more remover and detangle these wefts softly and skillfully.

Prepare A Kind Of Specialized Detergent

Step 3: Remove the wig cap

After taking off all the wefts, you have to continue removing the lacing cap. If the cap is attached on your scalp with gel, you only need to use the glue remover to take it off like the way you remove hair wefts quickly and simply. In case that the cap is sewn in your real hair cornrows, you need to be more careful. Let’s use scissors to cut thread lines and remove the wig.

You had better start from the front and pull it backward. The wig is unraveled quicker and more effectively with the least hair damage. Don’t try to tug the wig out because your scalp and real hair can be impacted.

Remove The Wig Cap

Step 4: Detangle braided hair cornrows

Because hair cornrows are often braided tightly and firmly inside, you need to be gentle to remove knots. After a long time, your hair braids become rough or oily, you can use more vegetable oils to smooth the process.

Detangle Hair Braids

Step 5: Let your hair relaxed

You can use some hair conditioner or hair spray to smear on hair and help hair to be relaxed after a long time being tightly braided. Keeping hair for about 10 to 20 minutes and then your hair will recover as normal.

Let Your Hair Relaxed

Step 6: Rinse hair with clean water

The last step is washing hair with clean water to eliminate remaining detergent, fallen- out hairs and also dirt on hair. Let’s be soft to avoid making more damage for your real hair and scalp. We advise you to use warm water instead of unsuitable cold or hot water. Let’s see, quick weaves are completely removed without making unexpected problems.

2. Common Q&As

How to remove quick weaves glued on hair cornrows directly?

In many cases, women don’t use the wig cap to protect hair corn rows but stick hair wefts on them directly. Thus, the process to remove wefts needs to be taken care more. However, you also don’t need to worry because it can completely be solved soon.

You will need to use more detergent on hair and unravel hair weaves softly and carefully. After that, you can continue doing steps like above suggestions.

Use More Glue Remover

How about hair wefts after being removed?

If you take out hair wefts carefully, they will not be damaged or tangled too much, you can clean them and be ready for the next hair application. If you use real human hair extensions from prestigious sources, hair will always look as beautiful and natural as possible.

Where to buy weave hair extensions for quick weaving?

These days, hair extensions brands are diverse from all over the world. You can easily search them on the Internet to find the suitable one for your hair. Among them. We would like to recommend Luxshinehair. This is the professional brand of supplying all types of high quality hair extensions from Vietnam. Bulk hair and weave hair are their main products so that their quality and image are extremely diverse and impressive.

Ready For Quick Weave

For now, you can comfortably do a quick weave style and remove it any time you want easily. Let’s do it and you will actually feel satisfied with things it gives.

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