Using weave human hair extensions is very popular these days. It is really a great method to transform your own bad hair into a new one which is more beautiful and voluminous. To meet diverse demands of customers, hair weave brands create many impressive weave styles. Let’s check them out right here below!

1. Body wave hair weave

When you want to have weave for thin hair, don’t ignore this ideal suggestion. The texture of body hair waves is big and obvious so that it hides your weakness of thin hair very well. Commonly, women choose this hair weave style with long length size and black color to make hair look the most natural and eye- catching. Wearing them on, your appearance will actually become more charming and brighter.

Obviously, you can completely look good with other hair colors. Shades of brown, blonde, even red are really wonderful.

Body Wave Hair Weave

2. Straight hair quick weave

Straight hair is essentially the natural hair texture of many women in the world. It is nice, smooth and sleek no matter whether hair is long or short. Obviously, straight weaves are always on trend and loved by womankind.

Although the hair texture is simple, it is really useful to help girls to look more elegant and powerful. You can see that celebrities and business women absolutely love this style. When applying straight quick weaves instead of other ones, hair is extremely natural and attractive.

Straight Hair Quick Weave

3. Curly hair weave

Talking about a great hair style for weave that African American women like, we have to mention curly weaves. Curly hair is the typical style of black women so that it helps them to feel comfortable and self- confident. In addition, black women’s hair is very hard and strong, using weave hair extensions is the most suitable choice. Real human curly weaves can maintain on hair for a very long time so that they are also very convenient.

Moreover, there are many styles of curly hair for your various choices. If you are a girl who is energetic and a bit rebellious, you can be suitable with deep curly or romantic curly weaves. On the other hand, if your characteristic is soft and dreamy, loose hair weave can make your appearance become wonderful.

Long Ombre Curly Hair Weaves


4. Beach wave hair weave

Do you remember the hair image of Moana in the recent masterpiece of Disney? Her hair style is so typical and attractive. This is also the style that millions of girls all over the world love.

You don’t need to worry if your hair is too thin and fine to have a gorgeous curly hairstyle like hers because modern hair weaves can help you. Beachy hair waves are like deep wave human hair weave. The volume of hair is quite mild but natural and unique.

Beach Wave Hair Weave

To have the most eye- catching  image of this weave style, having long hair is  the top choice. Of course, if you love the youthfulness and personality, keeping beach wave weave with impressive short hairstyles is also very gorgeous.

5. Yaki hair weave

Apart from the natural straight texture of hair weaves, yaki hair weave style is also extremely outstanding and attractive. Hair is crimped softly but clearly to give impressive hair folds.

Initially, yaki weave is also the popular style of black women. However, because it is too charming, it gradually becomes the trendy style worldwide. The similar style named kinky hair weave is also loved very much.

Yaki Hair Weaves



These weave hairstyles only look the most beautiful ad natural when they are made from real human hair instead of from synthetic hair or silicon hair. Because hair is real, its price must be higher than low- quality products but its effect is really worthy.

Luxshinehair Weave

If you are wonder to find a prestigious hair extensions brand for these demands, Luxshinehair is exactly the greatest selection for you. The company supply almost types of hair extensions including weave hair with the best quality, quantity and image. That hair sources are thoroughly chosen from 100% real human hair in Vietnam will never make you feel disappointed. In addition, hair wefts are very firm and regular so that they give the most durable and convenient results.

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