Do you realize that the way you obtain charming look actually depend on how you determine your hair type? It can be straight or wavy or curly, but each kind of hair will be classified into smaller version which help girls have proper hair care routines. The truth is that knowing your hair type plays an important role in your perfect look. So, keep reading this article and you will have basic understanding about hair type chart . We hope that the information below will help you embrace the natural beauty of your hair. So, let’s be the most beautiful girl with your natural hair.

Hair Types

1. What need you know about hair type chart?

To provide you deeper knowledge about hair type chart and answer your question “what is my natural hair type?”, we will focus on main features of natural hair type chart. First of all, you should know about Andre Walker. He is famously known for creating a hair typing systems. Andre has made statements that there are 4 types of hair type chart for natural hair which are straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and kinky hair. Let’s find out what are distinguish features of each kind of hair and what is your hair type.

Hair Type Chart

2. Straight hair type chart

Straight hair often observed in Asian hair. Girls have black long straight hair. If you own a straight hair, you can realize that this hair becomes greasy faster than curly hair because the number of oil from your scalp travels down the hair tresses more quickly. Straight hair can be divided into 3 subcategories which are type 1A, type 1B and type 1C.

Straight Hair

  • Type A: The hair is quite common in Asian and their hair is very straight and fine.
  • Type B: The hair is still straight but quite thicker.
  • Type C: The hair is thicker and coarser than type A and B.

Luxshinehair Straiight Hair

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3. Wavy hair type chart

Hair of this type seems to be thicker than straight hair. It’s not quite straight, yet it’s not fully curly. Having said that it is an amazing combination between straight and curly hair. There are 3 subcategories which are type 2A, type 2B and type 2C

Wavy Hair

  • Type 2A: The hair is fine with thin S-shaped waves. The hair is quite easy to style and look great on many facial structure.
  • Type 2B: It is quite different from type 2A, the hair is little frizzier and has medium-thick.
  • Type 2C: This hair is wavy and thick. However, it’s prone to tangle and difficult to style.

Luxshinehair Wavy Hair

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4. What do you know about Curly hair?

In fact, most African American hair or mixed hair is naturally curly. Different from other hair types, the curls have medium size and girls have to provide a lot of moisture to maintain the hair smoothness. The curly hair has S-shaped, whether lover or upper case. Curly hair type chart can be divided into Loose Curls and Tight Curls. The loose curls definite relaxed S-shape pattern with thick and voluminous hair. This curl type may be non-uniform-straighter. Besides this hair type need lightweight and curl-amplifying moisture. And Tight Curls brings a small corkscrew-like curl pattern. Be careful with this hair shape because without proper moisture, the hair tends to appear dense and loose curly shape.

Curly Hair

5. Kinky hair

Kinky hair is quite popular with black women. Hair of this type has such tight curls that it may even look like curly at all. This hair is very tight and it tends to be fairly coarse in texture. However, the hair is quite dry by nature, so it can be broken easily. The keys to keep these hairs look healthy and beautiful is to moisturize every day. Having this hair, you look so gorgeous and you should know how to maintain this look.

Kinky Hair

Can you find out your hair type after this article? Don’t worry if you are not fit perfectly into on certain category because your hair may have the combination of several hair types. Therefore, should you have any queries, please send us your questions via our social media or in the comment section below and ask for verification. Luxshinehair would love to hear from you, and we wish to stumble across your story as soon as possible.



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