Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is a British supermodel and actress. This 92s’ young talent not only attracts other people with her ideal body and enchanting countenance but also makes people impressed by her gorgeous hairstyles.

Cara Delevingne has a beautiful and bright face which is very suitable with soft long hairstyles but when she has short haircuts, that face become smarter and much more impressive. In this article, Luxshinehair would like to show you another aspect of Dara Delevingne short hair. Check them out and maybe you can find yourself a favorite style.

Cara Delevingne Short Hair

1. Buzz cut

Being a professional fashion model, Cara Delevingne is never afraid of trying unique short hairstyles. Having a buzz cut is exactly one of these reckless choices. of course, with this hairstyle, she looks a little bit masculine but her charming face and gesture makes her appearance still look beautiful. Moreover, this short cut helps her look become sharper and brighter.

Although buzz haircut is very short and seems to be tedious, Cara Delevingne can still create it with a lot of different ways which look full of impressions. Sometimes, she has a buzz cut with platinum blonde hair, sometimes, she has it with brown hair. Even, she has been shaved off her hair just for the most special image. She is so active and risky, right?

Buzz Haircut

2. Side part pixie hair

It can be said that pixie hair is the most popular short hairstyle of Cara Delevingne. She has made many different pixie styles and almost of them are wonderful.

When Cara Delevingne has pixie hair with side part style, she looks so cool and keen. The bobbing upper hair part helps her face become thinner and more balanced. This short hairstyle doesn’t cover her forehead so that her face looks brighter and smarter.  In addition, she has blonde hair color. It fits perfectly with her white skin tone as well as the white- black concept she is applying.

Side Part Pixie Hair

3. Fawx hawk short pixie hair

How do you think about the image of Cara Delevingne with this pixie hairstyle? We make sure that you will have to exclaim that ” Wow! She is so handsome!”. Indeed, Cara looks absolutely gorgeous with this style, right? She has short pixie hair with the impressive fawx hawk style. Furthermore, grey hair makes her appearance become more awesome than ever. It sounds like this talented model not only captures mens’ heart but also makes many women feel crazy about this figure of her.

Fawx Hawk Short Pixie

4. Finger wave short hair

Sometimes, changing a common short hairstyle into a retro short hairdo with finger waves can give you an extremely impressive new appearance. Cara has ever had this short style and got many good comments. She has short hair which is created into eye- catching finger hair waves. Moreover, golden blonde hair hue makes this style become much more dazzling. Cara Delevingne looks so noble and attractive, right?

Short Finger Waves

5. Platinum blonde bob

Not in everytime Cara Delevingne has super short hairstyles, she also has short haircuts which look more feminine and gentler. Typically, it is platinum blonde bob style. When Cara has this short haircut with natural hair waves, Cara’s face looks extremely elegant and charming. Combining with side part style, here appearance looks so mature.

Platinum Blonde Soft Wavy Short Hair

Straight bob is also an impressive style that she has with platinum blonde hair. This time, instead os keeping side part style, she has her short hair with middle part style. This style helps her face look more balanced and brighter.

Platinum Blonde Straight Bob

6. Shaggy short bob with side swept bangs

Cara has ever has short bob hair with impressive textures. Her hair is a bit feathered so as to make it look shaggy and more outstanding. Whereas, side swept bangs make the style become softer and more natural. Cara doesn’t often has hairstyles with bangs so that this  is one of the rarely times that we can see a beautiful and lovely Cara with soft short hair with bangs.

Of course, she dyes hair with the unique balayage style. It is a perfect combination between dark brown hair and blonde highlights. Sweet makeup also makes her appearance with short hair become much more attractive.

Shaggy Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Cara Delevingne looks so wonderful with her short hairstyle, doesn’t she? Which style you like best from this list? Don’t mind sharing with us and also don’t regret spending a little of your time visiting Luxshinehair website for the newest information of hair extensions, hairstyles and hair care all around the world! We are always looking for you!

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