Not only cosmetics or fashion but the hairstyle of Korean stars is also a hot topic that fans are interested. Let’s see which hairstyles are choosen by these idols when summer comes.

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Pixie Hair

Pixie’s hair is a hard choice with the girl groups because it is quite face and often lose the femininity. However, after Go Joon Hee’s success, many Korean stars bravely tested this short hairstyle like Hyerin (EXID)and Choa (AOA).

The back of the hair is neatly trimmed, the sparse bangs are slightly inflated in front of the head to help radiate the lines on the face.

Colored Hair Pastel

When summer comes, colored hairs Pastel like orange, pink and blue are becoming hot trends. Your face will look much brighter if you do not mind experimenting with striking hair colors like Korean stars.

Lob Hair

Lob is best suitable for women who just do not want to cut off too much hair and still want to have a young hairstyle. The tail is curled and blended naturally, hugging gently on both sides of the cheek helps overcome the disadvantages of a round face. Many Korean stars have proven that this hairstyle really does not have a rival and matches all types of faces.

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Curly Hair

In the past, curly hair of Vietnamese hair is not favored in Korea but now it becomes a popular trend for all women. Kim So Hyun recently also successfully with this hairstyle. If you like vintage style, then do not hesitate to try this hair for this summer.

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Classic Bob Hair

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If you want to be elegant but still look modern, a short bob hair with gentle curls like Yoon Ah will be the best choice for you. Classic bob gives your face a more feminine look. Not only bring a new fashionable appearance,  but also help you look higher.

Ombre Hair Dye

Ombre hair is a hot trend that will never be out of fashion. From street styles to big events, it is easy to catch this hairstyle. Ombre hair is especially suitable for active and strong girls with modern fashion. Therefore, it is always one of the preferred options ever for beauties. The smoke tones is still the most favorite in recent years.

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Have you chosen a hair style to refresh yourself this summer? Please refer to these Korean hairstyles to ensure that your appearance will also be young and attractive as Korean stars.

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