Back to few years ago, Vixen sew in method became famous in one night only! A stylist filmed her work with this new installation and posted in social network. Thousand people shared it and learned how to do. Nowadays, it is not as hot as it was, but we cannot deny its outstanding features. Also, many women are still into this unique braids way.

Blonde Hair Vixen Sew In

What is Vixen sew in?

Vixen sew in is about a special braids method that is totally different to the traditional one. While the latter have backward cornrows or beehive shape, the former comes into different parts. Besides, there are some leave-out part for more options for hairstyles. As a result, you can transform your hair extensions into tons of hairdos. This is the most attractive point that no other braid patterns can have.

Pros and cons


  • Styling versatility. It is the key perk of this application method. With leave-out parts, you can make different hairdos. Then, you won’t be boring with the sew in anymore.
  • Seamless look. No one can detect your hair extensions now even when you have Dutch braids! It’s amazing, right?
  • Ease in hair wash and hair care. Separated parts and leave-out parts allow you to apply shampoo easily. You can dilute shampoo in an applicator bottle to apply it under the track. At the same way, you can add moisturizer to your natural tress or it will be dehydrated and get a lot of damages.


  • You have to cut the weave hair extensions. We all know that high quality hair is not cheap at all. When you cut the track like that, you may not reuse it again or it takes time in next application to find out the right one in each Vixen sew in. Besides, the wefts now lose it flexibility to apply in other installation methods. To make it worse, your weave can be shedding in this case.
  • Too much leave-out. These leave-out require you to blend it with weave hair extensions by flat iron frequently. Thus, the heat will cause damages to your natural hair.
  • Not for everyone. It’s necessary to have enough hair length or you cannot try this one.

Classification of vixen sew in

Vixen Sew In Weave Braid Patterns Different Types 1

Two parts type

Step 1: Section your hair into 2 parts horizontally or vertically (depending on your choice). It’s better to make them even or it looks unwell when you style it.

Step 2: Braid the leave-out. You need to determine this section to fit the hairstyles you want to do after sew in. For these parts, you needn’t to take any cautions.

Step 3: Lay the rest into beehive shape within the perimeter. Try to make it small so it is much flatter for seamless look. However, don’t make it too small because you can get pain. The weave will cause pressure to the cornrows and scalp and small braids cannot bear this pressure.

Three parts type

Firstly, leave all hair in hairline out and braid it. Then, to define three parts, you need to divide your natural tress vertically and secure the lower section with elastic bands or a hair clip. After that, separate the upper part into 2 parts horizontally with the same perimeter. You need to create another leave-out braid in between these sections as well. Finally, lay all the rest down with suitable braids and beehive shape.

Vixen Sew In

Four parts type

As two patterns above, you also need to create a braid for leave-out hair in the hairline around your head. Then section your hair as three parts. Just one more step, separate the bottom into 2 parts as well. Make another cross braid in the middles of 4 sections. Now, just braid the rest as usual and we’ve done!

Part The Hair Into Four Sections

How to do Vixen sew in

Whatever cornrows pattern you have, let’s start from the bottom. Remember to use curved needle and the thread with favorable color to your weave hair extensions. You need to sew it into Z-shape until you fulfill the section. Then, cut the extra weft to use in the next part. Repeat it to the others.

After you’ve done with weave, you need to let all the leave-out parts out. A hot styling tool is ready to blend your natural tress to your hair extensions.

Some hairstyles of vixen sew in

Two buns with wavy hair

This hairstyle gives you a beautiful look as well as 3-year-old younger appearance. Also, it brings energetic vibes to you. Party, Prom, hangout, or any occasions, you can make this hairdo. For this one, you need to have three parts or four parts braid pattern.

Two Buns Deep Wavy

Dutch Braids

How gorgeous it is! You absolutely fall in love with this hairstyle. No one knows you are using hair extensions at all. Two part and four part cornrows work well for seamless look.

Big Braids Curly Hair

High Ponytail

High ponytail? No worry, Vixen sew in will nail it. Thanks to the leave-out, your tracks are never be exposed and your ponytail is perfectly natural.

Tight High Ponytail Hairstyles

If you are a hair lover and usually change your hairstyles, let’s have a Vixen sew in. You will be amazed by its flexibility and ease in hair care. If you have any tips to share with us about this application method, please leave comments and follow our blog.


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