If you are a big fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, you must have been familiar to the green- skin Nebula monstrous character. We make sure that many people will have to be surprised because of her appearance in real life. This talented actress always appears in public with the most beautiful and charming gesture. Even when she has short hairstyles, Karen still looks so gorgeous. Today, let’s check out Karen Gillan short hair together with Luxshinehair!

Karen Gillan Short Hair

1. Fawx hawk pixie hair

If Karen Gillan has been brave to shave her head for the role of Nebula in “Avengers” series, there is no reason for her not to make creative pixie hairstyles. She has made a lot of different images with pixie style and fawx hawk pixie hair is one of them.

Fawx Hawk Pixie Hair

This Karen Gillan pixie hair style is really impressive and suitable with her face. Because Karen’s face is round with white skin, keeping her hair with fawx hawked bangs is a wonderful idea. It makes her face look longer and more balanced. In addition, combining this short haircut with active makeup style, Karen’s appearance actually becomes enchanting and powerful!

Fawx Hawk Pixie Haircut

Karen often keeps this styles with various shades of brown hair colors. They are both beautiful, bright and more natural than others.

2. Pixie hair with deep side part bangs

In daily life, having pixie short hair with deep side part bangs is actually a suitable choice for Karen Gillan hair. This short hairstyle brings the more comfortable and softer image for the beautiful actress.

Side Swept Pixie

Sometimes, Karen chooses to have natural hair waves on her side part pixie hair. Sometimes, she has a classical style with straight hair. Anyways, her lovely face and bright smile make her appearance look much more impressive with these short hairstyles.

Wavy Pixie Hair With Deep Side Part Bangs

She is still loyal to choose pixie haircuts with shades of brown hair like light brown or caramel brown color. Besides, she also has these pixie short hairstyles with honey blonde or red tone to make hair more outstanding. With advantages of white skin and a sexy body, these styles actually make her become full of charm and personality.

3. Pixie hair with short bangs

Instead of having fawx hawk bangs or long wavy bangs like above styles, having pixie hair with very short bangs is actually a wonderful challenge. At the press conference of the “Doctor Who” movie, Karen took every people around by surprise. She had very short pixie haircut with short fringe hair. She looked so lovely and young with this style. Moreover, her brown hair under the limelight made her beauty look more and more charming.

Having this hairstyle doesn’t mean that she will look like a stupid boy but in contrast, this image makes her look so cute and sweet.

Pixie Hair With Short Bangs

4. Straight lob

Of course, not only does she have pixie hair for her collection of short hairstyles but she also appears with other hair styles. Straight lob is actually a short hairstyle which is very suitable with her appearance.

The lob with curved ends and middle part style make her round chubby face look much thinner and more balanced. Hair on both sides is regular and straight so that it can hide chubby cheeks effectively. Moreover, combining this haircut with sweet style helps her face look much younger and fresher. Seeing this picture of Karen Gillan short hair, she really looks like a school girl, doesn’t she?

Straight Lob

However, in another situation, Karen has this straight bob style with side part hair. Only by some small change on hair, her appearance has completely differences. She becomes full of matureness and charm. Instead of having lovely style like with middle part straight lob, Karen wears more polite and fashionable clothes so as to be suitable with the style she is applying. In addition, having light brown hair hue with impressive straight hair locks is actually a wise choice. It makes her image look neat, polite and elegant when appearing at big events.

Side Part Straight Lob

5. Wavy bob

Apart from short hair with straight texture like styles of straight lob, wavy bob hair is also the style which is often used by Karen Gillan. It doesn’t matter if her hair is short bob or long bob, hair waves make her hair as well as her appearance become wonderful.

Wavy Short Bob Hair


Essentially, wavy hair is very mild and natural so that when combined with shortcut and middle part style, this hairstyle makes her appearance look much more impressive. Of course, with a sexy body and white skin tone, the image of Karen Gillan with short wavy bob becomes more outstanding than ever.

Wavy Long Bob

It sounds like this talented actress very likes dyeing brown color for her short haircuts and this wavy bob style is also dyed with this color. However, we have to recognize that brown hair hue is the most appropriate color for her appearance with short hair. She looks always beautiful, charming and self- confident with it, doesn’t she?

6. Loose wavy shoulder length hair

If pixie haircuts give her active images and bob styles bring to her charming appearances, loose wavy shoulder length hairstyle makes her look gentler and more natural than ever. Seeing pictures of Karen Gillan with this hairstyle on Rose& Ivy magazine, we make sure that every man will have to fall in love with her slender and angled beauty.

Loose Wavy Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair with big loose waves makes her face look smaller and more balanced. Whereas, twinkle accessories, flowers and soft- colored dress give her images which are so pure and charming.

Loose Wavy Shoulder Length Hair

How do you think about these impressive images of Karen Gillan short hair? She has short hair for every style that a lot of women have to learn about. If you are also finding for a suitable short hairstyle, don’t regret spending a bit of your time to see these amazing suggestions from Karen Gillan!

Perhaps you don’t know that Karen is also a fan of hair extensions. To have immediate change of her short hairstyles, applying good hair extensions is necessary. How about you? Only need you have demands, let’s visit our Luxshinehair store to get the best hair products.

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