It can’t be denied that hair plays an important role in identity and an iconic look in Hollywood. The sexy actress Emma Stone has gone through many hair colors and styles which change all over the year. Stunning as a blonde, redhead and brunette, she is considered the most beautiful chameleon when it come to her hair.

It’s certainly an edgy look for the actor, who is known for her elegant and classic style off the set. While many fans love her in red, they might be surprised to discover that Emma also gorgeous in blonde her natural hair color. Keep reading to see Emma’s hairstyles and her color choices. Emma Stone

1. What is natural hair color of Emma Stone?

Emma Stone, American actress is known for her witty roles in various popular comedies and her natural charm as well. In fact, Emma Stone has worn an array of hair colors over the years and proked that she looks so charming in all of them. So, do you know what is natural hair color of this actress?

Natural Hair Color Of Emma Stone

For a long time, many people assumed that she was a natural-born red hair. It may seem like Emma Stone and red hair go hand-in-hand. However, the truth is that the sexy actress was born blonde. Honestly, red hair is a part of her career persona. She always appears with red hair these days, but the Hollywood actress is also gorgeous in blonde her natural hair color.

Looking at Emma’s blonde hair picture, which words will cross your mind? Before changing into red hair, the gorgeous actress appeard in effortless but stunning hairstyle. Blessed with naturally light hair, she is so charming and her hair has every shade of blonde. If you intend to get blonde hair color, it will be the best idea to try Stone-inspired blonde.

Emma’s Blonde Hair

Whether you are looking for straight or gorgeous curly blonde hair, Ms.Stone is all you need to get hair inspiration. In this picture, she wore a black dress, velvet lipstick and medium curly blonde hair. Having said that every girl is jealous of her attractive appearance.

2. The signature red stresses of Emma Stone

When thinking of the famous female actress Emma Stone, besides her incredible acting skills, people is also amazed by her signature red hair. According to the colorist Tracey Cunningham, there is something about genetics that make the red shade look so gorgeous with Emma’s skin tone and her eyes. Having said that, even though in reality she isn’t naturally red, it is really fascinating to see her incredible charm in red shade hair.

Signature Red Stresses Of Emma Stone

With red hue and light wavy texture, Emma’s bob hair is effortless and stunning. Her red hair is shiny and it instantly transform her from gentle girl to sexy and attractive person. Besides, textured bobs are easy to style and maintain, so girls no longer worry how to obtain this hairstyle. At some point, you might say to yourself what will you look like in red tresses. Believe in yourself and try your own red hairstyle.

Signature Red Shades Of Emma Stone

3. Transformation of Emma Stone in brunette hair color

Well, perhaps in the news many fans didn’t expect, Emma has changed her dyed hair from red or blonde to darker shade brunette. As you know, dark hair can be a little overpowering for people with light complexions. However, the charming girl Emma proves that even pale person has a chance to rock brown hair.

Emma Stone In Brunette Hair Color

What do you think about her brunette hair in this picture? Instead of signature red shade, she appears in effortless brunette hair. Do you realize that her brunette tresses make her green eyes and fair skin shine. One of the best thing is that this hair color is able to match with different skin tones, so every girl has a chance to try this beautiful hair color. Having said that her medium bruntte hairstyle is the ideal hair for anyone.

Emma Stone Brown Hair

It can be said that the actress Emma Stone has gone through various hair colors and styles from natural blone hair to signature red tresses. No matter what color the female actress dyes her hair, she is definitely attractive. So, do you find out the inspiration for your hairstyle this year? Let’s ready to transform your appearance. Follow us and give your comment below to share your idea.















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