Today we’ll take a look at Emma Stone’s glamorous hairstyles.

Emma Stone is undoubtedly a gifted actress. Her excellent acting in great movies such as Amazing Spiderman, Easy A or Zombieland has proven her talent. Especially, with her role as Mia – a struggling actress – in La La Land, she has won an Oscar. Yes, her talent has been proven, but we can’t ignore her fashion styles as well as hairstyles. She shows the world her gorgeous hairstyles every time she appears. Let’s see how awesome her hairstyles are!

Short Red Hair

Many people think that Emma Stone is a natural redhead, but this is not true. Her natural hair color is blonde. But it’s easy to understand why a lot of people still confused about this. This hair color is just perfect to highlight her fair complexion. Red choppy bob helps Emma Stone look strong and charming. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have light skin. Look at her! Doesn’t she look so gorgeous?

emma stones glamorous hairstyles you should try this year 3

Wavy Light Brown Hair

Take a look at Emma Stone’s beauty when she got the Best Actress Oscar in 2017. There is just one word to say about her hairstyle – perfect. The waves look natural and the color suits her dress perfectly. This hairstyle made her look more confident and fancy. If you don’t have such long hair to try this hairstyle, using hair extensions is not a bad idea.

emma stones glamorous hairstyles you should try this yearSee more: 12 inches weave straight hair

Wavy Blonde Hair

Emma Stone seems to have tried all the shades of blondes to her hair. Blonde hair makes her look bright, positive and energetic, while the waves of hair show her grace and elegance. One more good point about this hairstyle is that it fits many types of clothes ranging from fancy dresses to shirts and blazers.

emma stones glamorous hairstyles you should try this year 2

Straight Blonde Hair

Many people assume that straight hair is not suitable for Emma Stone. Well, maybe those people are too familiar to the image of Emma Stone with graceful wavy hair. But as she showed up on Oscar red carpet in March 2018, she has proven that most of the hairstyles will exalt her beauty. In this picture, she looks more mature, yet elegant and attractive.

emma stones glamorous hairstyles you should try this year 1

We have seen 4 beautiful hairstyles of Emma Stone, so which one do you find the most impressive? Do you want to try her hairstyles? Share with us what you think.






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