. No one wants to have thin hair or hair loss so taking care of hair is always necessary to make hair silky and healthy. However, how to care for hair in right way is also a big question that all women wonder. In this article, we will introduce you the most effective ways to take care of your black hair. Let’s follow these tips and then you will get the most wonderful results.

1. Start taking care of scalp

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When it comes to hair care in general, we usually just think of the ends of the hair that leave the hair roots and scalp. The roots are good and the tops are healthy. Hair stylist Jen Atkin – who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara – advised us to use shampoos and conditioners from the roots and scalp to the ends of the hair. Another method is equally effective as regular massage to stimulate blood circulation, help hair grow healthy.

2. Wash your black hair in the right way

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It is not just a hair cleanser that shampooing is a process. From choosing a shampoo, water temperature, shampooing, etc., everyone has the desire to have beautiful hair, but not everyone has the patience to do it. Hair stylists use sulfate-free formula, warm water, and gradually soothe and gently massage the hair while keeping the body refresh.

Washing your hair in a wright way is exactly one of the best methods to take care of black hair.

3. Dry your black hair properly

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After shampooing, gently wipe your hair with a towel around your hair and pat it firmly to avoid damage or breakage. The hair is very fragile, so let the hair dry naturally, never use a hair dryer because the heat can affect the condition of the hair.

4. Sunscreen for black hair

This may sound strange, but Ric Pipino (designer of Elizabeth Banks and Petra Nemcova) has shown that the sun will also have negative effects on the hair, for example the most typical example is sunburn. To overcome this, whenever you are away from home, apply a sunscreen lotion that forms a protective UV shield for your hair.

5. Cut your black hair regularly

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People often say that without cutting the hair, your medium hair must be raised from the beginning. But according to Eugene Toye, who often takes care of hair for stars such as Christie Brinkley, Lily Allen and Chrissy Teigen, it’s all wrong. Hair growth will take place at the root of the hair, keeping the tip of the hair does not help the hair grow faster. Instead, cut off the damaged hair to make your hair look healthier. You do not need to cut all that, just tell the hairdresser you want to have long hair so just cut the damaged hair.

6. Use the right tools

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When making salon hair or doing simple homework, the most commonly used tools are hair dryers and hair straighteners. These tools use high heat to shape the hair, usually up to 200oC. One trick to protect your hair is to use a small piece of tissue and wrap it around the coil when using a coil. So, when you roll into your hair, your hair will not have direct contact with the heat source. For hair tools, apply a protective layer of hair to prevent heat from being used.

7. Provide vitamins for hair

Not just diets, it’s bad if you forget some vitamins. They help nourish and care your hair from root to tip. The daily use of vitamins will really benefit your nails and hair.

Beauty is a process. To have a long healthy medium hair will also spend a lot of time and effort. The secret is so simple! Let’s go from root to tip and take active precautions rather than taking care of it from the beginning.


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