We all love how perfect a newborn baby’s hair is, yet everything has to change over time. It is unavoidable to suffer from outside and inside factors which would badly affects our hair characteristics. This article helps you to be aware of causes of your hair damages and provides tips for your damage hair revive.

What causes hair damage?

You rarely skip your daily habitual skin care routine but may not put enough attention to your hair. Typical inside causes should be mentioned are poor nutrition, mental and physical illness while outside factors are more variable. Your hair could be damaged by UV rays from sunlight, high heat and chemicals from styling tools and environmental pollution.

In addition to natural outer factors, there are some bad habits that damaging your hair such as securing hair tightly, washing hair with hot water, having unbalance diet, etc.

Here we discuss which tips are best for your damaged hair revive

Adjust your styling tools’ temperature


If it is impossible for you to give up on styling tools such as hairdryers and straighteners, you should really know that the hotter the tools are and the longer you put your hair under the heat, the severer the damages your hair could suffer.

Women with super thick and rough hair should use their tools at low or medium heat only. That may take you a little bit more time, yet you know, faster is not always better. You may think just high heat could keep your hair in long – term shape, but you need more than a right shape. You need your hair healthy, too.

It is suggested to use natural wind or hairdryer with cool – air for your hair if you are not in hurry and it is not cold in your room.

Treat your Wet Hair Gently

hair towel

Hair is generally weak and vulnerable when wet. If it is not mandatory, you should not comb your wet hair especially your hair is thin, curly or fragile.

Experts advise to use a large – tooth comb to deal with your tangled hair for which more solutions are introduced here. You should never dry your hair by a rough towel. Instead, gently squeeze water out of your hair by a soft towel to avoid breakage.

Try Hair Masks

damage hair revive

Natural hair masks could act as perfect conditioners for your damage hair revive as they are rich of moisturizing and reparative ingredients like vitamin, oils and other healthy contents. Those thick hair masks can stay well in your hair hence better penetrate deeply into it and develop on the surface of your damaged hair. Therefore, they keep the effects even after you rinse them out.

Each type of hair mask should be applied for a specific hair problem. It depends on which factor is destroying your hair: inside or outside cause, environmental or hair dye chemicals. For more suggestion to treat your messy hair, please find here to bring your lifeless hair back to healthy conditions. See more 5 ways to get shiny hair at home to boost your hair beauty up.

Get rid of Split Ends for damage hair revive

Split ends are one of the most noticeable manifestations of damaged hair. Hair with split ends look unhealthy and ugly as each single hair which is split into two or more branches looks like a feather.

Trimming off your split ends is a common way but it seems to be a temporary method. You would better learn some radical solutions for split ends for a sustainable result.

Careful Swimming and Sunbathing

damaged hair revive

Outdoors activities are good for your body, but could be harmful for your hair. Pool chemicals as well as salt, chlorine could make your hair fragile and brittle and fade its color. Also, UV rays from sunlight can do serious harm to your hair if you do not cover it carefully. When you finish sunbathing or swimming, wash and condition your hair using gentle or natural products.

Regularly Let Your Hair “Drink”

It is common to moisturize your skin, and your hair should be treated the same way. Your hair could be easily damaged and broken if it is not provided adequate moisture.

If you have to usually dry your hair with a hairdryer or feel it brittle and fragile, it is highly recommended to apply hydrating shampoo, conditioners and natural products. Once again, do not forget to cover your hair in case it may expose to harmful contents as it may lose moisture that you are trying to provide.

As you must know, your hair always contributes much to your appearance and considerably affects your mental health. Therefore, it is important to invest for damage hair revive as carefully as the way you treat any other part of your body. There are a saying that “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, don’t let your hair get damaged then heal it. You should have a thorough hair care to avoid hair damages.


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