When finding and buying hair extensions, you often here about Remy hair, right? What is remy hair? Is it good for hair extensions? Is it expensive? All of these questions will be explored after you read this article. We make sure that you will never have to be disappointed about these useful details of remy hair extensions!

1. What is remy hair?

Remy hair is 100% real human hair. It is considered the high quality hair source because hair’s cuticles are kept intact and always go in one direction. When you have remy hair extensions, you can get hair effects which are the most beautiful and natural.

Bundles Of Remy Hair Extensions

2. Differences with other kinds of hair sources

To have the clearest description, you need to know how to distinguish remy hair with similar concept. Here, we would like to point out the comparison among remy hair, non- remy hair and virgin hair. We know that all of these kinds are real human hair but we can completely distinguish them easily.

Comparison Among Hair Kinds

Remy hair

As we have mentioned above, remy hair strands are in the same direction so that they can give the best hair products. Remy hair extensions are often not as strong as virgin hair because they can be styled, bleached or dyed.  However, images that they give are really excellent.

Non- remy hair

Whereas, non- remy hair is not the ideal choice for you. Hair strands are collected from different sources and they are not arranged in the same direction. Thus, when they are made into hair extensions, they look not regular and natural even when they are real hairs.

Virgin hair

This is the hair source that every woman wants because hair strands are completely natural and pure without any effects before such as bleaching, styling or dyeing. Hairs are evaluated to be good, strong and high quality. Obviously, hair strands are directly cut from the hair donor’s so that they are regular, beautiful, smooth and less tangles.

Thus, when choosing kinds of hair extensions, you had better buy remy hair extensions or virgin hair extensions because they can meet your demand the best.

3. How to protect remy hair extensions?

To have nice remy hair extensions, it is necessary for you to take care of them frequently and properly. You need to be very careful when washing hair. Using soft kinds of shampoo and conditioner is highly appreciated. Moreover, you also have to keep hair extensions from high heat, toxic chemical and also pollution. Because they are real hair products, they can easily get damage. Thus, let’s protect them as well as possible.

Protect Remy Hair Extensions

4. Where to buy good remy hair extensions?

Good hair brand

In the hair market nowadays, there are a lot of brands which supply remy hair extensions. However, real and fake hair products are very difficult to recognize. They are popular and make customers feel not secured. Thus, you need to find out and choose prestigious brands to get the best results.

We highly encourage you to use hair products of Luxshinehair. All hair extensions of the company are made from real human virgin and remy hair. Hair sources are thoroughly chosen from trustworthy hair sources all over Vietnam. Luxshinehair has hair extensions with the most beautiful features, the highest quality, the best customer services and the most reasonable price that make every customer satisfied.

Luxshinehair Remy Hair

Strengths of remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are made with many different types. If you are a wholesaler, you can consider buying bulk hair or weave hair extensions. They are traditional hair products so that remy hair will be kept in the most natural image. Besides, you can remake them easily to create better hair products.

If you need to have remy hair extensions which are convenient and modern, choices such as clip in hair, tape hair, wig, etc are ideal. You only need to spend some minutes applying them and all is perfect.

Nice Remy Hair

You can choose any texture of hair that you love to have the style you want. Commonly, straight hair extensions are popular the most because they give the ideal length size and the smooth image. In addition, you can style them according to your hobby. The final result will actually make you interested.

Styles with hair waves or hair curls are extremely diverse and eye- catching. Having them, your hair will look much thicker, longer and more voluminous. They are suitable with every style and every characteristic of people so that your appearance will look great.

Are these above details useful for you? If you still have any question or comment, don’t mind sharing with us. We are always ready to help you.

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