These days, the name Billie Eilish becomes a global phenomenon that almost people who love music know. Her full name is  Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. She is really a talent singer and songwriter when achieving many successes at the age of 18.

Her style is also the thing that makes people curious because it is beautiful and unique. Today, let’s discover Billie Eilish hair to have the clearest look!

Billie Eilish Hair

1. Billie Eilish natural hair color

Billie has shown her natural hair with her bare face ans bright smile on Instagram.  She looks so pure and gentle in blonde. Billie Eilish blonde hair is quite pretty with soft shoulder length hair locks.

She keeps hair in side part without bangs to make the face look brighter and more balanced. In addition, her white skin and blue eyes embellish blonde locks very well.

Billie Eilish Blonde Hair

2. Billie Eilish blue hair

Billie has shown that she didn’t like blue hair and it was just her least favoriite color. However, we can’t deny that she looks so gorgeous with shades of blue hair.

Sometimes, Billie let her hair down naturally and combines with a cool outfit to look charming and mature. Sometimes she makes it into an impressive half up style with medium length hair. That helps her face look young and lovely which is suitable with her age. Anyways, when she smiles, everything around is so sweet!

Billie's Blue Hair

3. Billish Eilish green hair

Billie Eilish new hair recently is a mullet haircut with shades of green and black. It is clear that this is a style of ombre hair but it is completely different from others. Instead of having a traditional style with dark hair roots and light hair ends, she does inversely. The part of hair roots is dyed with neon green shade and the rest is natural black.

This is not a style of long hair but she can completely make impressive style with it. Let’s see the way she has green hair, that is so outstanding, isn’t it?

Billish Eilish Green Hair

4. Billie Eilish grey hair

Billie sounds like grey hair so that she has many creative styles with it. Taking the advantage of having long and strong hair, she often dyes shades of grey on hair and get wondeful images.

She likes keeping grey long hair with natural straight texture. Sometimes, she renews it with soft hair waves. Middle part and side part style are used effectively to show her bright appearance. Besides, Eillish also likes having  half up bun styles or ponytail styles with some mild long bangs.

Billie Eilish Grey Hair

Indeed, Billie has a face which is extremely suitable with colored hairstyles so that dyeing tints of grey hair can’t make her meet trouble. In contrast, she looks very attractive and enchanted.

5. Billie Eilish purple hair

Billie looks really beautiful and charming with her purple hair. It is not a dark shade of purple but it is impressive enough to take everyone by surprise. She still keeps a cool gesture as normal but the grey hairstyle makes her look dreamier and more attractive.

Billie's Purple Hair

6. Billie Eilish black hair

When having black hair, she often combines with her tone sur tone black outfit. Obviously, accessories such as earrings, chains and bracelets always appear to make her style become more mysterious and charming.

Moreover, this shade of hair gives natural images so that  it is always trendy and popular with women all over the world, including Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish Black Hair

7. Billie Eilish brown hair

In the music video “Xanxy”, Billie takes all other people by surprise with her strange brown hair style. This hair color sounds to be not suitable with her daily cool image but it really fits the scene of the music video. She still looks full of charm and personality.

Billie Eilish Brown Hair

Which image of Billie Eilish hair do you like the most? We think that it will be very difficult to choose because all of them are wonderful.

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