When you meet problems of bad hair such as thin hair, weak hair, damaged hair, and even hair loss, the best way for you to have a new beautiful hair appearance is using hair extensions. Among them, 360 frontal is one of the kinds that is loved the most. This is a creative type of half- wig hair extensions but its coverage is very big and impressive. It will actually meet the satisfaction of many customers.

There are thousands of different impressive hairstyles with it that you cannot know. Let’s check out the most gorgeous images of 360 frontal textures right here below!

360 Frontal Hairstyle

360 frontal body wave

Body hair waves look big and voluminous so that they will actually be the top choice for beautiful hairstyles. This loose wave of 360 frontal is very suitable for women who love matureness and charm. It is not necessary that frontal hair has to have outstanding colors, basic hair tones are wonderful highlights. Especially when you have hair with a long length size, it will give you the appearance which looks more impressive than ever.

360 Frontal Body Wave

Deep wave 360 frontal

In case you don’t want to have soft and gentle styles, having 360 lace frontal with deep wavy style is great. This is the style that a lot of women in the world, especially African American women love. Deep waves are not as big as above loose waves but they give a better voluminous effect than other kinds.

Not only does your hair look thicker and more beautiful but also it helps you to show your personality and rebellion better. When 360 lace frontal is combined with hair weaves, it becomes a perfect wig. Then, you can create any style you want for hair such as braided hair, high ponytail, and so on without worrying that hair extensions can be seen.

Deep Wave 360 Frontal

Loose curly frontal 

Applying styles of curly hair on 360 lace frontal is really not a bad idea. This is even the style that a lot of celebrities like because it looks extremely active but enchanting. Because 360 frontal loose curl style matches perfectly with the natural hairstyles of many women in the world, they are always attractive and on-trend.

When you have loose curls with long hair, you must have had an ideal body that can go well with this style. Whereas, short curly hair can hide the unexpected shortcomings of your face such as fat chin, chubby cheeks, etc. They are absolute with young and energetic characteristics. Generally, the type of curly 360 frontals can be appropriated for any image you need.

Loose Curly 360 Lace Frontal

Kinky curly 360 frontal

If you want to find a 360 lace wig which is creative and eye-catching, why don’t you try these hair extensions with kinky curly texture? This is the style that is pretty fastidious and rare. Even, many people say that it is awkward and less attractive. However, you can only feel its beauty when you wear it on. We make sure that you will never have to regret this choice. Curly locks are unique and voluminous which can make your appearance become radiant anywhere.

Kinky Curly 360 Frontal

Straight texture 

Obviously, it will be a short mistake if we don’t mention this hair extension with a straight texture. This is the simplest texture but it is also considered one of the most beautiful styles of hair. The straighter and smoother hair is, the healthier and better it is.

This is also the texture that is never out of fashion because it is suitable for all women at all age groups and all characteristics. In addition, because hair is not processed too much with styling methods and hair dyes, it looks more beautiful and sleeker.

Straight 360 Frontal

Don’t forget to combine these gorgeous styles with suitable hair colors to beautify your hair appearance as well as possible. For now, you can have nice hairstyles which are both ideal to cover bad hair and safe for your real hair thanks to 360 frontals.

These aforementioned styles of 360 frontal are wonderful, aren’t they? Therefore let’s contact Luxshinehair to find out more about this hair product as well as other amazing types of hair extensions. Each style has its own advantage that attracts the attention of customers all over the world.

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