If you think that having wig hairstyles is ugly and unnatural, you may get a very serious mistake. Using hair wig is really a wonderful way to help you to have a new hair look without any which is both beautiful and protective. The thing we would like to say here is “wig is fashion“. Let’s check out legendary wig styles through unique images of global celebrities!

1. Farrah Fawcett wig

When mentioning Farrah Fawcett- the star of ” Charlie’s Angels” TV series, we actually can’t forget her “one in a million” hairstyle. It is long feathered hair with blonde color. It is clear that this style has been still hot until these days. Many women worldwide, even celebrities has hairdos inspired by this style.

As for women with thin hair who want to have this coiffure, they have a wiser choice. It is use the platinum blonde wig with Farrah Fawcett’s style. You can become a perfect version of hers so why don’t you try this wig style for a special day?

Farrah Fawcett Wig

2. Marilyn Monroe wig

Being one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s and early 1960s, Marilyn Monroe is always the on- trend name when we talk about the beauty. Her hairstyle is also as unique and charming as her reputation. She has the ancient hairdo with big loose curls. In addition, the sleek blonde shade of hair fits her white skin perfectly and make her appearance become more outstanding than ever.

Every women want to have the beauty like hers and having the similar hairstyle is an effective way to help them to complete that dream.  The short blonde wig with her style is chosen very much and it really don’t make women feel disappointed.

Marilyn Monroe Wig

3. Sia wig

Talking about the unique wig style of celebrities, Sia wig is clearly one of the most outstanding styles. It sounds like the todoroki wig but it looks much more impressive. Sia has bob wig with bangs which is full of creativeness and attractiveness.

We can never see Sia’s eyes because they are perfectly hidden by her impressive long bangs. Half of hair is sleek jet black while the other is bright platinum blonde. Their combination makes her become so mysterious and enchanting.

Sia Wig

4. Beyonce wig

Beyonce is a American women so that her hair is essentially curly and rough. To have beautiful looks in front of public, she often has to use hair extensions, especially hair wig. Her brown wavy wig can be considered one of the most impressive styles.

She has middle part hair so as not to cover her bright forehead. Loose wavy hair locks are voluminous and stunning. When having it with the impressive length size, her appearance becomes more attractive than ever.

Beyonce Wig

5. Katy Perry wig

“The chameleon of the US music industry” Katy Perry never makes us disappointed with her gorgeous hairstyles. Almost of her haircuts have the combination of hair extensions to add volume as well as outstanding colors for hair. Styles of wig with bangs are the ones she loves the most.

The typical hair wig of hers that make her become bright is the blue wig with short bangs and curly hair ends. It makes her look both young and charming. In addition, having a beautiful face and a sexy body is really the very big advantage for her to look good with every hairstyle she likes, even when it is only made from hair extensions.

Katy Perry Wig

6. Kylie Jenner wig

Being one of the most famous young supermodels nowadays, Kylie always needs to look beautiful in every picture. A secret that helps her to attract others is using unique wig hair extensions.

Kylie Jenner looks perfect even when she use short hair wig or long hair wig. In addition, she chooses bright and outstanding colors to make hair more impressive. Combining with her strong brown skin tone, she is full of charm with hair wigs.

Kylie Jenner Wig

How do you think about wig styles inspired by these celebrities? They will actually be wonderful suggestions for your next hair style if you don’t want to ruin your real hair with hair- styling tools and hair dyes directly anymore.

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