To meet various demands of customers about hair extensions, new  types are often upgraded. Among them, keratin hair extensions got much attention because of their diverse tips’ shapes and application. Apart from I tips, U tips and Flat tips, V tip hair extensions are also loved by millions women all over the world. With the small and convenient design, these hair tips are really more gorgeous than things you image. Let’s follow this article to know more interesting details!

V Tip Hair Extensions

1. What are V tip hair extensions?

As its name, V tip hair has tips with V- shapes. Not only do they make tips look more attractive but they also give the convenience in hair application. On each tip, a fixed keratin layer is attached. It will become sticky when being exposed with heat. Thanks to that, tips can be put in real hair strands and make your hair become thicker and more beautiful as the thing you want.

V Tip Hair


2. How to put in and take off V hair tips?

How to apply?

Applying V tip hair extensions is also like the way you wear U tips or Flat tips. You need to use a Fusion tool to melt the keratin bonded layer and then wrap it around a small piece of your hair. You can apply V tips into hair at any position you want. Commonly, we often put hair tips along a horizontal hair line so that tips can be put in real hairs more regularly with the best amount.

V Tip Hair Application

How to remove?

To remove these hair extensions, you need to be very skillful. Because they stick firmly on hair strands, removing them carelessly can make unexpected breakage and damage for your hair.

Firstly, you need to make the keratin layer melted and then gently pull the tip out of your hair piece. After that, you use the hair glue remover to take off the left over as well as to clean hair.


 Remove Glue In Extensions

3. How long do V tip hair extensions last?

Keratin glue works very well on hair so that when you apply them, you can completely feel secure about the durability of these hair tips. With the good hair care, hair tips can be fixed on your real hair from 2 to 4 months.

If you haven’t wanted to use V- tips yet, you can save them in dry and cool places. Because hair is real human hair, it always keeps the natural and smooth images.

4. Pros and cons of V tips


Having V tips on hair, you will have a completely new hair appearance which is much thicker, more beautiful and attractive. Hair extensions brands especially take notice in making eye- catching hair textures to attract the taste of customers so that yo can easily find diverse styles of wavy, curly or straight V tip extensions. Not only do they look beautiful but they help your hair become much more voluminous and stunning as well.

Using V tips is really a wonderful choice to add highlights on hair without bleaching or dyeing your real hair directly. That will actually make your hairstyle become more outstanding than ever.

Of course, you can apply these tips with the same goal to other types of hair extensions. It is making better hair volume and hair length. Try wearing them! They will actually take you by surprised!

Having Tip Hair Extensions


However, using V- tips sometimes makes you feel angry because you have to spend quite a lot of time to have a complete nice style with them. Commonly, you need to install about 30 hair tips at least to make your hair look thicker and more attractive.

In addition, ways to apply and remove are also relatively complicated and risky. If you are not careful, you can make your hair condition become worse with breakage or knots. However, these things won’t not happen if you apply properly. You don’t need to be too worried about that.

Unexpected Trouble

5. Where to buy good V tip hair extensions?

The very important thing when choosing V tip hair extensions that you should take care is buying hair extensions with good quality. You had better choose real human hair extensions from prestigious brands to make sure that hair is beautiful, strong and smooth.

Luxshinehair V Tips

These days, fake hair tips products are spread out, you need to be clear- sighted to avoid meeting trouble afterwards. We would like to recommend you to use keratin hair extensions of Luxshinehair. This is the famous brand in Vietnam with the best hair quality. For now, let’s choose these hair tips immediately to have a wonderful new hair look!

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