Halsey is considered a singer who is full of talents but rebellious and eccentric. Of course, this singer not only attracts other attention thanks to her voice as well as her private life but also makes people look up to her with the bright appearance and unique haircuts. Halsey tried a lot of hairstyles and It can be seen that long hair is the style that makes her look the most beautiful. In this article, let’s discover top most impressive long hairstyles of Halsey together with Luxshinehair!

1. Dark brown wavy long hair

Instead of having rebellious short hairstyles, Halsey started keeping long hair more after the successful feature of “Closer” with The Chainsmokers in 2016. She often appeared with wavy hairstyle dyed with dark brown hair color. This style was often attached with gentle girls but Halsey changed that perception. Wavy long hair sounds quite soft but It can’t prevent her personality. Combining bobbing hair waves with side swept style, dark makeup and a charming dress, Halsey always looks gorgeous.

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Halsey Dark Brown Long Wavy Hair
Halsey Dark Brown Long Wavy Hair

2. Dookie braid ponytail

At Q102’s Jingle Ball in Philadelphia, Halsey took every people by surprise with her impressive hair. Halsey chose herself with an active high ponytail long hairstyle and unique dookie braids. As mentioned above, Halsey is a rebellious women and she will actually not let long hair make her look weaker and more tedious. She combined eye- catching Goddess braids and outstanding dookie ponytail hair to look full of energy and vitality on that day.

After that event, the theme of “Halsey long hair” became more popular than ever. This is actually not a new styles as for African American women but it is always attractive and makes wonderful impression with girls, even celebrities like Halsey.

Halsey Dookie Braid Ponytail
Halsey Dookie Braid Ponytail

3. Ombre Low ponytail

At the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Halsey cought all cameramen thanks to her dazzling appearance with the impressive ombre hairdo. She kept a normal long low ponytail hairstyle but the hair color is wonderful. She had bright blonde hair with dark black roots. The unique hairstyle attached with a pair of golden earrings and a sexy red dress helped her get all looks at this reputation event.

Halsey Ombre Low Ponytail
Halsey Ombre Low Ponytail

4. Blonde hair

We can’t deny that Halsey blonde hair is so gorgeous and attractive. People say that every girl with blonde hair is rebellious and active. Of course, Halsey is also one of them and she is always proud of that.

Halsey had blonde hair hue with creative hair layers and middle part hairstyle. This haircut was so beautiful and it made her feel completely self- confident to show her personality. She also skillfully combined hair with tone sur tone clothes and then the result was perfect.

Blonde Hair
Blonde Hair

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5. Blue long hair

Obviously, a rebellious women can’t ignore hairstyles with radiant colors and blue long hair is one of them. No matter how her hair texture is straight or wavy, Halsey always knows how to make her become the most outstanding women with this hairstyle.

This singer sounds very like this hair hue since she brings it to many events as well as daily life. Halsey blue hair is very bright and eye- catching so when it is combined with long hair, her look becomes the most gorgeous.


6. Bright long hair

In the beginning of summer time 2019, Halsey came back spectacularly with the ear- catching song “Boy with Luv” featuring with BTS- the most famous global idol group nowadays. Although the singing part of Halsey was not too much in this song, her appearance in the MV made the other boys have to fall down.

She had long straight hair with impressive bright colors as cherry red, orange and yellow. The image was like the red hue melted down and gave the perfect harmony on her hair. Halsey looked so beautiful, fresh and charming.

Bright Long Hair- Halsey
Bright Long Hair- Halsey

7. Brown kinky straight long hair

At 2019 Met Gala, Halsey also dressed a red dress but at that time her appearance was much more impressive. The way she worn clothes and accessories made her look like a real warrior! Combing with this outstanding style, she had very long kinky straight hair with dark brown color. It sounded like Rapunzel’s hair but much thornier and more natural. Halsey looks so strong and wild in this figure, doesn’t her?

Halsey Kinky Straight Long Brown Hair
Halsey Kinky Straight Long Brown Hair

Do these pictures of Halsey long hair make you impressed? We make sure that they will not be bad suggestions for your coming hairstyles. Don’t ignore them! In case you have thin and short hair, you can also have these outstanding figures with long hair extensions of Luxshinehair. Let’s visit our website and choose yourself the most favorite hair products with the best quality!

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