Types of hair extensions are often upgraded to meet various demands of customers all over the world. Especially in these days, 360 frontal has become popular because it is convenient, eye- catching and easy to use. If you haven’t been familiar with this type and things it can bring to your own hair, don’t ignore this useful article!

1. Description of 360 frontal

360 frontal is the extended version of lace closure and lace frontal. It is also called 360 frontal wig or 360 silk base frontal. The frontal lace piece is designed tobe bigger than the frontal lace piece to give the better coverage.

360 Frontal

360 frontal is designed into a special closed lace piece. Hair strands are sewn into tiny holes of the lace piece firmly and regularly so that the hair extension looks thick, voluminous and eye- catching. It can help you to hide your thin and fine hair in front as well as make more volume for hair behind. That is so gorgeous!

2. How to wear 360 frontal?

Because it is only a kind of half wig hair extensions, it can’t cover your whole head. Thus, you often need to use it with hair bundles to have the final result. The process of installing hair extensions on head is very important. If you do it wrong, the lace wig will not work well and then your new hair appearance can become a disaster. Here, we would like to show you the basic way to apply 360 frontal properly and effectively.

Step 1

Firstly, let’s make sure that you have clean and dry hair before applying the frontal wig. Dirt and hair bugs do not exist on your real hair so that they will not make itchy or uncomfortable feelings for your scalp. Thanks to that, hair extensions can remain longer on your head.

Step 2

Next, you need to braid your real hairs into hair cornrows to fix your real hair inside before installing hair extensions. This step helps you to put hair extensions on head more easily as well as make less damage for your real hairs and scalp.

Make Hair Cornrows

Step 3

After that, you can put the 360 hair silk base in by sewing or gluing it. Commonly, sewing the hair lace is more popular and durable. However, you can also choose the gluing method if you want to apply the hair extensions quickly. Let’s make sure that you install the 360 frontal in the reasonable position so as to avoid unexpected side effects.


Wear 360 Frontal

Step 4

Obviously, the remaining part of head on the top which hasn’t been covered by the lace piece so that you need to use some other hair extensions to cove that. Using hair weaves is the top choice because it gives the convenience and nice image. You need to glue or sew the wefts down in the remaining areas. As for this step, you had better use gluing method instead of sewing method because traces of hair wefts will be hidden better. That also means your hair can look more natural and impressive.

Lastly, don’t forget to cut off remaining tracks and make the suitable style for hair to get the most beautiful image.

Luxshinehair Hair Weaves

3. The attraction of 360 frontal

This kind of hair extensions is popular these days not only because it looks eye- catching but also because it is really effective. Its benefits are gorgeous that can attract the attention of women right at the first sight.

Free- styling

Although basic hair extensions such as bulk hair, weave hair, clip in hair, etc are beautiful and popular, they are not suitable for your hair when you have the worse problem like hair loss on the hairline part because they can’t give you the style in front you want.

In that case, having a style with 360 frontal is gorgeous. It is up to your demand that you can order that hair extension with any style you want such as middle part hair, side part hair, free part hair, hair with bangs or hair with baby hairs. Your new hair appearance will actually look wonderful.

Free Styling

Various look

Any demands of you about textures and length sizes of straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair are completely met. Not only do they give you charming and beautiful appearance but they cover shortcomings on your face and your body effectively.

When you choose to have 360 frontal made from 100% real human hair of prestigious brands, you will always get wonderful results with voluminous and shiny hairstyles.

Nice Look

Hair protection

Because your real hair has been braided into hair cornrows and covered with the 360 lace frontal, your hair is protected the best from dirt, pollution and external bad effects. In addition, the hair extension is designed with diverse style and colors so that you don’t need to dye hair or make style after wearing it. Your hair and scalp are obviously in safeness and health. After you take off the 360 frontal, problems of hair breakage, hair shedding or hair damage are also less.

Hair Protection

This is really an impressive type of hair extensions that you should try, isn’t it? Don’t mind trying it to have a new appearance which is full of your vitality and personality. For a good address of hair extensions, including 360 frontal, you can visit Luxshinehair. This is the top famous brand in Vietnam so that you can completely feel secure when buying and using them.

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