The way you gain gorgeous look is actually in choosing the right hairstyle for your appearance. The truth is that finding a perfect hairdo for curly hair might be more difficult than it seems at first. Nonetheless, having curly hair doesn’t mean that you have to stick to one or two basic hairstyles. If you are frantically seeking for ways to transform your look, the most popular winter 2019 hairstyle trends for curly hair may work for you. Here are some impressive ways to style curly hair you can adopt for your classy and fashionable look.

Loose Curly Hair

1. How to style naturally curly hair

Are your hair strands naturally straight or curly? We all know that girls having natural curly hair find it really difficult to manage and style their curls. Don’t worry because these hairstyles below will help you to deal with all of these problems.

High ponytail

One of the effortless but effective way to style your natural curly hair is to tie hair in a high ponytail. To avoid frizz, you should comb your natural curls by fingers instead of using a comb. It is useful tip to give your hair a nice texture.

High Ponytail

Braided curly hairdos

An amazing to style your hair is to braid them in different ways such as pigtail braid, ponytail braid and cornrow braid. Having said that, it is one of the most comfortable hairdos to carry.

Braided Curly Hairdos

2. How to style short curly hair

The most iconic representative for the short group of curly hair is a shoulder-length hairdo. Short curly hair refers to hairs that are at chin-lengths or shoulder-length and short length is mostly trendy due to its versatility in styling. It’s hard to open Instagram without seeing someone proudly showing off their sleek and shiny short curly hairdo. So, let’s find out what is your ideal short curly hairdo this year.

Style Short Curly Hair

Bottom-heavy bob

Do you know that heavy ends on bobs, especially short bobs, are taking over this year? Unlike straight hair, this style on curly hair give girls incredible texture and volume. If you want to emphasis your sleek curly hairdo, bangs will be an indispensable part of your hair.

Bottom Heavy Bob

Short and Sweet Curl Pixie Cut

If you are looking for some new and rule-breaking hairstyle, short and sweet curl pixie cut is exactly for you. A short deep curly haircut will simultaneously add some edge to your look. It can’t be denied that the short curly hairdo will keep you feeling pretty no matter what you do.

Short And Sweet Curl Pixie Cut

3. How to style long curly hair

No matter what style you’re going for, the long curly hairstyles will forever remain trendy. Even though they are quite hair to manage as it may be, long sexy curls are always a symbol of beauty and fashion that tremendous girls want to have. Therefore, if you’re a beauty lover, long curly hair is the one for you.

Style Long Curly Hair

4. Incredible curly hair with bangs

Some of the most common are the curly hairdos – typically with bangs, which is incredibly suited with those who have too sharp the face lines and need a hairstyle that can soften them. The best length for bangs is about eyebrow length. This hairstyle will make your face appear slim and attractive. Curly hair with bangs is a good option for girls.

Curly Hair With Bangs

5. Obtain stunning curls with hair extensions

Long hairs are usually armpit length or longer. Some of you may be wondering if there were something you can do to gain gorgeous curly hairstyle immediately while still having short hair length. Seriously, it takes around two or three weeks to realize a small change in hair length. However, there is one effective tool for you to achieve your ideal hair length. And yes, the answer is hair extensions. You no longer have to wait for hair growth and worry about bad haircuts. If you are looking for high quality hair extensions, make sure to head over Luxshinehair’s website to get what you need.

Curly Hair Extensions

Having said that, curly hairstyle never goes out of fashion. For that reason, if you have any queries, please send us your questions via our social media or in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.



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