Lately it seems like curls are everywhere you look. Whether it’s models in fashion magazines or cool girls on the subway, the stylish set is embracing texture of all shapes and sizes, from loose waves to voluminous coils.  And to get ready, we asked social media stars, and trend experts to share what’s trending in texture for the months ahead.

Mega Volume

“Volume and natural texture will be embraced in ways we haven’t seen in the last couple decades. This is an exciting time to be a curly girl!” ―Lauren Moser

“[I’m seeing] less focus on perfection and more focus on volume. It’s all about volume! Definition is great, but volume is pronounced, it’s fierce and it’s bold.” ―Monica Stevens, Mo Knows Hair

“From highly textured to light waves, volume is in.” ―Ashlee Levitch

curly hair style 1

Healthy Moisture

No matter what the trend, healthy, hydrated curls are the most essential foundation.

curly hair style 2

“The secret to styles that last, hair that breaks less and doesn’t excessively shed, and curls that pop is moisture. Use a hydrating shampoo, and try steaming your deep conditioning mask. Ouidad’s Curl Recovery Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask is one my favorite deep conditioners.” – Monica Stevens

“I’m seeing curly haired women understand and take care of their hair more. I believe that has to do with the great support from natural hair bloggers on YouTube, along with stylists that strictly cater to the natural community.”  – Vincenzo

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Curly Bangs

curly hair style 3

“Bangs are not going away next year. They are longer and heavier, producing a very dramatic look which draws you into the eyes.” ―Chadwick Pendley, Ouidad Master Artistic Educator

“I personally love this trend because it allows me to create new and modern shapes that frame the face and enhance volume through the top of the haircut for a balanced updated look.” ―Lauren Moser, Hair Lab Detroit; Ouidad Curl Advisory Board


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