If you want to take care of your natural hair better, it is necessary for you to be aware of some bad habits making your hair damaged. Beequeen hair is going to point out 5 of the most common ones in this writing.

1. Style hair into a bun regularly

People who work as a flight attendant, manager or secretary often tie their hair with a low and tight bun hairstyle at the back of their neck to make them look professional. However, styling their hair into a low and tight bun will make their natural hair prone to hair loss and breakage as the hair is stretched.

So, minimize wearing a tight bun, girls!

2.Use too hot or too cold water to wash hair

Water which is too hot is harmful to your hair and so is the cold one.

Using water at a high temperature to wash your hair will make it prone to breakage. Besides, your hair will be made to be dry and less shiny because hot water is the culprit that removes the hair’s natural oil.

On the other hand, cold water is not able to remove all dirt from your hair and it also makes greasy soon.

As a result, washing hair with warm water is the most ideal recommendation.

3.Use unsuitable shampoo

Almost all of us often choose shampoo randomly without attaching it to the condition of our hair as well as our scalp.

The fact is that people with different types of hair need to use different types of shampoo in comparison with others.

Specifically, people with dyed hair should use shampoos for dyed hair. People whose hair is damaged seriously are recommended to use professional shampoos for damaged hair. For those who suffer from dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoos are essential. The same things happen to other situations such as people with oily hair, dry hair and mixed condition hair.

4. Eat and drink unreasonably

It is totally wrong to think that your diet has no relation to your hair. In fact, an unreasonable diet is the main reason which leads to a chain of hair-related problems like hair loss, dandruff, split ends and premature grey hair. An unreasonable diet means that you don’t supply with enough nutrients for hair, so it is make hair become worse.

5. Expose hair to sunlight

Exposing our hair to sunlight not only burns our skin but also burns our hair. Do you know what makes your hair prone to dryness and split ends? The answer is UV rays from the sunlight which have an extremely destructive effect.

In order to prevent your hair from being exposed to these rays, you simply need to wear a hat or other items which can make sure that your hair is covered.

The bad habits above seem to be simple, but they affect the hair too much. For this reason, you should keep in mind all the things about which we have informed you so that beautiful hair is no longer your dreamless dream.



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