Unlike the 365-day calendar as usual, the year in fashion often starts from February to September and Met Gala is one of typical event there. Many people from around the world talk about Met Gala, so sometimes you might wonder what it is and why people are crazy about it. The information about Met Gala and the beautiful host this year Liza Koshy will help you answer all question. Here is everything you need to know the luxury stage of the fashion show and the gorgeous host Liza Koshy, as well.

Liza Koshy At Met Gala

1. What is Met Gala?

It isn’t wrong to say that the Met Gala is the Super Bowl of fashion. It’s one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar which held every first of May and marked the opening night of the Costume Institute’s annual exhibition. Besides, the most glamorous fashion event is not only a night for show-stopping outfits, but also for fashion fundraising. Are you ready to see how celebrities show off their unique clothes?

Liza Koshy Met Gala

2. Liza Koshy the glamorous host of Met Gala

Each year, specific celebrities are chosen to be a host of the event.  As she did last year, Liza Koshy appeared as Vogue’s official red carpet host at the Met Gala in 2019. She is a notable presence on YouTube and now has more than 14 million subscribers on her channel.

The Glamorous Host Of Met Gala

The Met Gala 2018

Never one to disappoint, Liza Koshy Met Gala 2018 appeared in black dress at the event. Her dress was made of a thin lacy material and she looked so sexy but elegant in this outfit. The two main colors of the clothes were black and white which emphasized her mysterious beauty. She also put her curly hair in a brunch, so she looked taller and thinner. The YouTuber definitely looked outstanding in the crowd and nobody can’t keep their eyes off her gorgeous look.

Liza Koshy Met Gala 2018

Looking on the back of the dress, Liza shows the sexy beauty of hipline. Can you keep your eyes off this look? The combination of sexy black dress and rep lipstick makes her stand out in the red carpet.

Liza Koshy Met Gala (2)


The Met Gala 2019

This year’s theme is Camp: Notes on Fashion. Don’t be misunderstood that it’s a kind of camp that includes sleeping bags and footwear. It’s time for celebrities showing off their charm in beautiful and unique outfit. From dramatic long ponytails to outrageous long eyelashes, each celebrity has their own way to look stunning. And, the charming host this year Liza is successful to express her glamorous appearance. The YouTuber made her Met Gala debut at the 2018 New York event and this year was her second times.

Liza Koshy Met Gala 2019

As Rousteing the designer of her dress said what he loves about Liza is that she doesn’t follow rules, but she creates her own rules. Looking at this picture of Liza Koshy Met Gala 2019. Her clothes seem quite difficult for her to sit down due to the back of the dress. She looks absolutely confident and feels empowered. It can be said that she looks like a beautiful flower in the garden.

Look! Her hairstyle is one of the interesting part of her appearance. The star arrived red carpet with unique 28-inch ponytail, purple makeup and pink dress. The long unique ponytail landed at the bottom of her back and tied by sliver wire. She also let some baby hairs down to emphasis this hairstyle.

Liza Koshy Met Gala 2019

3. Other celebrities at Met Gala

As you know Met Gala is special time for celebrities unleash their creativity with fashion. They appear with strange, unique and attractive clothes. Let’s see the best star dresses at 2019 Met Gala.

Lady Gaga At Met Gala

The famous singer Lady Gaga looks like a queen in this pink dress. Who else can be confident to walk down the red carpet with this dress like her.

Kylie Jenner At Met Gala

The businesswoman Kylie Jenner brings an incredible dress. The feathers make her look like a swan. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful swan in the world. What do you think about this look?

Celine Dion At Met Gala

It’s exactly a queen. Celine Dion looks like a new version of Death Queen Hela. It is said that it took 3000 hours to complete this dress. It’s an amazing appearance.

What do you think about the definition of beauty through this fashion show? Liza Koshy looks so beautiful and attractive this year. Do you like Liza Koshy Met Gala dress this year? Follow us and give the comment below to share your idea below.



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