On the cool days like today, what hairstyles are looking for? Among many hair trends for 2019, ash blonde hair always captures girl’s attention of its gorgeous colors and variety of shades. This one is considered the coolest shade of blonde and transform the hair idea of girls into the unique hairdos. Ash blonde hair colors are cool-toned hues with the combination of grey and blonde colors. There are various hairstyles that blend perfectly with your ash blonde hair color. If you need some ash blonde inspiration, please keep reading to discover your favorite one.

Ash Blonde Hair

1. What should you know about ash blonde hair color?

Basically, ash blonde hair color is a nice alternative to traditional blonde hair hue, and give girls a chance to obtain fresh new color. People said that ash blonde hair is suitable for cool-toned skin such as lighter complexions or white skin. However, don’t worry because this style actually fits with numerous skin tone from bight to dark tone. The truth is that this color looks great on all types of skin.

Look at this picture, Tyra Banks is one of the typical example which proves that ash blonde hair has ability to harmonize with golden skin tone. Nobody can’t deny her charming in this hair color.

Tyra Banks Ash Blonde Hair

2. Light ash blonde hair

Speaking of bright tones, this one won’t make you feel disappointed. The light ash shade is attractive and stunning hair color. This hair color looks great on all types of face and the hair length, as well. If you fall in love with bob hair which can show of your personality, you should take a look at light ash blonde hair. Everyone has to envy with your gorgeous hair color.

Light Ash Blonde Hair

If you have free-time, let’s try this hue with braids or weave to your hair, which bring you gorgeous look and draw people’s attention. Braiding a section of your hair will add a unique look to the hairdo and the light blonde hair shade looks so eye-catching on your head.

Light Ash Blonde

3. Dark ash blonde hair

If you are seeking for an eye-catching appearance, you won’t regret choosing dark ash blonde hair. Unlike warm tones, dark as blonde hair brings you mysterious appearance. If you are not ready for full head with bright blonde color, dark ash shade will be your perfect option. Therefore, everything you should know is choose your favorite hairdo with dark ash blonde and be confident with your appearance.

Dark Ash Blonde Hair

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4. Ash blonde highlights on dark hair

This style looks so stunning when you are going under the sunshine or the light. Highlight is known as some hair pieces which has lighter color than your natural hair. With these highlights, it’s important to know how to choose the right hairstyle for you. Highlights of hair are able to make your hairdo look gorgeous and attractive.

One of the incredible things about this hair color is that it is able to match completely with both short and long hair. You can style your hair as the way you want and you look so charming with blonde highlights on dark hair. The contrast between dark shade and highlight emphasizes the beauty of your hair. Be confident with your hair color and capture others attention.

Ash Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

5. Ash blonde hair ombre

It can be said that the ombre hair trend is one of the typical hair colors that never goes out of style. Whether you are seeking for a cute hairstyle, short haircut with ash blonde hair ombre will be your ideal choice. This hairdo brings you a new and fresh look. What do you think about this hairstyle? It doesn’t require any special care, but still look gorgeous. Having said that other girls have to feel jealous with your gorgeous hair color. Why don’t you try this once in life to obtain a stunning new look?

Ash Blonde Hair Ombre

What hair color do you want to try this season? If ash blonde hair color cross into your mind, you should find the right shade of this color that works for you. Do you like this post? Follow us and give comment below to share with us about your idea.



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