When you are self- confident, you look still beautiful even when your hair is very short like a man’s. That is exactly the thing we see from images of famous women with short hairstyles. They look so great and charming.

1. Cara Delevingne- Layered short hair

Being a supermodel who is beautiful and sexy, Cara is never scared of trying unique hairstyles. She has a perfect appearance which can be suitable with any hairstyles, even the shortest ones. Recently, she often appears with the charming look of wet layered short hair.

The unique haircut fits her coolness and profession perfectly. In addition, the blonde hair shade embellishes her strong skin tone and make her appearance become more attractive than ever.

Layered Short Hair

2. Katy Perry- Blonde shaggy bob

The “Roar” hit- maker is also one of celebrities who looks wonderful with short hairstyles. Among short hairdo that she has ever tried, platinum blonde shaggy bob is considered the most beautiful styles of hers.

Katy has white skin and a beautiful face so that having short hair with the bright shade of blonde hair like platinum shade completely does not make any difficulties for her. In contrast, it makes her appearance become outstanding at every event she takes part in.

Blonde Shaggy Bob3. Lucy Hale- Loose wavy short hair

If you like having an image of short hair which look much softer and gentler, the short haircut of Lucy Hale can be the ideal suggestions for you.  Only with basic shades of brown hair color and some natural short hair waves does your hair become absolutely attractive and impressive.

This style is the most suitable with young and mild girls. It beautifies their pureness and makes them always look bright and self- confident.

Loose Wavy Short Hairstyle

4. Taylor Swift- Blunt short bob 

In recent years, the ” Snake Queen” has often appeared with impressive short hairstyles. Among them, her blunt short bob with bangs is one of the most outstanding ones. Taylor has strong white skin and charming details on face so that she still looks gorgeous even when keeping very short hair.

That her blunt shortcut is sweetly combined with ash brown hair color makes her style look more beautiful and graceful than ever.

Blunt Short Bob

5. Ruby Rose- Badass shortcut

Talking about a women who fits men’s hairstyles perfectly, we can’t ignore the name Ruby Rose. Her images with badass shortcuts or buzz haircuts makes guys have to be jealous because she looks so handsome and manly.

Having badass short hair, her appearance becomes much brighter than that with long hairstyles. In addition, she has an ideal height and impressive style. That makes her image always attractive in the crowd.

Badass Shortcut

6. Emilia Clarke- Chick pixie hair

Many people think that making pixie styles often makes women look more masculine but that is up to many elements. Even when you are a soft girl, you can still look perfect with pixie hair. Let’s see the hairstyle of Emilia Clarke here. She looks so bright and beautiful with this pixie style.

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Brunette short hair

Celebs’ Blunt cut bob styles

Hairs are create into unique layers and dyed with impressive tones of brunette and blonde hair shades. This style completely doesn’t make her appearance look manly but makes it become more active and energetic. Combining with twinkle earrings and sexy outfit, Emilia is one of the most outstanding person at the event.

Chick Pixie Hair

7. Miley Cyrus- Comb back platinum blonde short hair

Different from sweet images with long hair of the Disney princess in the part, Miley Cyrus looks so cool and energetic with comb back platinum blonde short hair. Hairs on the top are combed back and kept in shape to look eye- catching. Whereas, around parts are shaved to embellish the combed- back hair part. Obviously, platinum blonde shade makes hair look more outstanding than ever. Because this hairstyle fits her white skin perfectly, her appearance looks so wonderful.

Sometimes, changing this style with another hair color such as pink, ash blonde is also grate. Miley always know how to look the most outstanding with this style.

Comb Back Platinum Blonde Short Hair

There are a lot of other beautiful short hairstyles of celebrities that we can’t mention all. You can visit Luxshinehair to see more information about the best hairstyles as well as hair extensions. We make sure that you will be satisfied with them!


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