Being called the most talented young actress in America, Jennifer Lawrence always takes care of her appearance. To have her most beautiful images, hairstyles play a very important role. Especially, Jennifer Lawrence very likes brown hair and she has a lot of impressive hairstyles with this color. In this article, let’s check out all brown hair styles of this beautiful and talented actress!

1. Jennifer Lawrence brown long hair

Jennifer has a face which is round and angled so that her appearance is very suitable with long hairstyles. Brown hair color makes her hair look much softer. Let’s see some most outstanding styles right here below!

Middle part dark brown wavy hair

All of us know that Jennifer has a chubby round face but it is relatively harmonious and balanced. Therefore, dark brown wavy hair with middle part style can be considered the ideal haircut for Jennifer’s graceful style.

Seeing the image when she is answering the interview, this hairstyle partly makes her become the ideal girlfriend model in boys’ heart, doesn’t it?

Middle Part Dark Brown Wavy Hair

Balayage brown wavy hair

Instead of having a solid base with dark brown hair, Jennifer knows how to transfer her wavy hair into a more attractive haircut with balayage brown hair. Obviously, combining brown hair with balayage hair strands is completely not a bad idea.

The beautiful hair color and natural hair waves make her face look brighter and more charming. In addition, pulling all of her hair to a side of shoulders is a wise way to make her appearance look much nobler.

Balayage Brown Wavy Hair

Side part sleek dark brown straight hair

Obviously, there is no actress who wants to keep a merely hairstyle for long time and Jennifer Lawrence is too. When she has long straight hair with sleek dark brown color and the dark makeup style, Jennifer’s appearance is really changes spectacularly.

Only with a small bobby pin to keep side swept hair into a fixed position does dark brown straight hair make her face become extremely charming and elegant. For events which need something outstanding, you shouldn’t ignore this wonderful hairstyle of Jennifer Lawrence.

Side Part Sleek Dark Brown Straight Hair


Pinned up light brown loose curly hair

Because of having round face, keeping hair without bangs is a totally safe way to have a perfect face. When hair is pinned up, her forehead is shown and that makes her face look longer and thinner. Combining this hairstyle with soft makeup style and natural loose hair curls, she has a long light brown hairstyle which is so young and dynamic.

Pinned Up Light Brown Loose Curly Hair

Low bun with caramel brown hair

To have a more mature image, the hairstyle with a low bun is perfect. Caramel brown color is very soft but luxury. The loosen low bun which is created carefully so that hair makes her look much gorgeous.

Besides, she has bright makeup and twinkle ornaments for the most wonderful appearance at the event. That is sounds great, right?

Low Bun With Caramel Brown Hair

Layered brunette brown hair

Why don’t you try having layered long or medium length hair with brunette brown hair color like the way Jennifer Lawrence did? This hairstyle looks simple but very enchanting and powerful.

Layered Brunette Brown Hair

2. Jennifer Lawrence brown short hair

Jennifer always tries to change herself with different images to have the appearance which is more mature and charming. Of course, short hairdos are wonderful choices for that.

Brown Short bob with deep side part bangs

Jennifer had a completely different image when having her hair cut with short bob and deep side part bangs. It would look very awkward if she kept this style with light hair tones. Luckily, she chose the right hair color. Dark brown is mild and natural so that it doesn’t make her dark made-up face became a disaster. Jennifer sounds not to be suitable with this short hairstyle but this is also the interesting experience for her as well as her fans.

Brown Short Bob With Deep Side Part Bangs

Balayage short wavy hair

This can be one of the most successful times that Jennifer Lawrence has a beautiful image with bangs. With this hairstyle,she looks very young and attractive. Balayage hair color between brown and blonde color is bright and trendy. Whereas, hair bangs are fresh and full of vitality. When Jennifer had this haircut, her fans was very surprised and happy since their idol had found the suitable short hairstyle which was both beautiful and didn’t make the face look bigger.

Balayage Short Wavy Hair

How do you think about Jennifer Lawrence brown hair? We make sure that you have found out some styles which are appropriate for you, right? Don’t worry if you can’t have beautiful hair with your thin and weak hair because Luxshinehair extensions can help you. Please visit our website for more information!

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