Charlize Theron is a South African and American actress and model. She starts becoming famous from 1990s via many impressive acting roles in American films. After years advocating for the Hollywood film industry, Charlize Theron has got a lot of nominations of Golden Global Awards and Academic Awards. She also becomes the first South African to win an Oscar in an acting category.

The more famous she is, the better she needs to take care of her appearance. Of course, investing in changing hairstyles has never been a bad idea. Charlize Theron often plays roles of strong and brave woman so that she also appears more frequently with short hairstyles. Today, let’s check out Charlize Theron short hair styles together with Luxshinehair!

Charlize Theron Short Hair

1. Long straight bob

Let’s start with the short hairstyle with the most impressive length size of Charlize Theron! It is long straight bob hair. We have to recognize that Charlize’s face is really beautiful and charming so that even when keeping a short haircut with the simple straight texture, she still looks extremely outstanding.

With this short haircut, she chooses to have the most natural and softest image with middle part long lob. Of course, she still needs to make something special on her hair and blonde hair dye is exactly the most suitable choice. This color fit her strong and elegant styles that she would like to display.

Long Straight Bob

2. Loose wavy bob

We never feel tedious with wavy short hairstyles of celebs because they are diversely created and look so gorgeous. Charlize Theron is also one of famous women who looks beautiful with short hair waves, especially with loose wavy bob.

See! she has light blonde hair which is so impressive and outstanding. In addition, loose hair waves are made into a bobbing style so as to look voluminous and unique. Charlize has also had this style with her long hair but only when it is combined with her short hair, this hairstyle becomes brighter and more attractive than ever. Commonly, she has wavy bob with middle part style but sometimes she changes it into a side part style to look a bit different. Anyways, every style of wavy bob is perfect to her wonderful appearance.

Loose Wavy Bob

3. Slick blunt cut bob

Sometimes, having straight short bob is still not beautiful and impressive enough. Thus, Charlize Theron makes it become gorgeous with slick blunt cut. This style is never out of fashion and it always makes women become full of charm and personality.

Her hair is wetted with hair spray and also cut into the unique blunt bob cut. This time, instead of choosing the bright blonde hair color, Charlize only dyes hair with the soft brown hair tone. However, that doesn’t make her look more rustic. In contrast, she combine this short hairstyle with enchanting side part hair, outstanding accessories and also miracle black clothing. All make her look so mature and powerful.

Slick Short Bob

4. Vintage wavy bob

Winning the Oscar statue at the age of 43, Charlize Theron feels extremely thankful to her past. It must have been one of the top reasons that makes her choose to have retro hair for this important event.

Who says that vintage short hair is so old and unfashionable? Our talented actress made all people have to look up to because of her dazzling appearance. Charlize has a vintage wavy bob style which looks so wonderful. She still keeps blonde hair but her short hair is made into special and unique retro wavy hair with side part style. Combining with tone sur tone costume and makeup style, Charlize Theron looks so gorgeous, right?

Vintage Wavy Bob

5. Half shaved short hair

Charlize Theron is one of women who is extremely successful in having beautiful and attractive short hairstyles. Half shaved short hair is exactly one of these impressive styles. If the one who has this short haircut is not Charlize, that girl can look like a boy or an awkward guy. However, Charlize’s face has made this short hairstyle become softer and more catchy than ever.

A small part of hair on a side of here head is shaved and the rest is turned into the other side. That hair part is long and absolutely outstanding. She makes a braid strand on side and dyes hair with the bright blonde hair color. All make her appearance look active and energetic but still keep something soft and full of charm.

Half shaved short hair

6. Pixie hair

Charlize Theron has tried dozens styles of pixie hair and each style brings to her a different style. When having a common pixie hairstyle with side swept bangs and straight hair texture, she still look so sweet and mild. Whereas, when Charlize has short bangs with fawx hawk style, she becomes very active and powerful.

Straight Pixie Hair

Of course, our beautiful actress doesn’t stop with those simple short pixie styles. She even makes more impressive images with pixie hair like shaggy wavy pixie hair, combed back wavy pixie hair or outstanding curly pixie hair. All of them look so wonderful on Charlize’s face and make her appearance look extremely fashionable and stylish.

Curly Pixie Hair

Her favorite hair colors for these pixie styles are shades of brown and blonde. Obviously, they are completely bright and outstanding that can embellish her white skin tone as well as her charming gesture.

7. Bow haircut

Recently, Charlize Theron has taken all other people by surprise with her amazing new shortcut. She has a bow shortcut with unique blonde highlights on her black hair. The hairstyle looks quite masculine but it makes her face looks extremely mature and different from the others. Perhaps, not many people dare to make this style like Charlize but as for her, nothing is impossible. She still looks perfect even when has a menswear style.

Bow Haircut

How about you? What do you think about Charlize theron short hair? We make sure that almost of you will have to exclaim that she is so beautiful in these impressive short haircuts. For now, if you also want to have an outstanding short hair style like hers, just do it! They will actually bring to you interesting and wonderful experiences.



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