5 celebrity hairstyles with armpit length hair

5 celebrity hairstyles with armpit length hair

Short hair limits your hairdos, while long hair requires much effort to take care properly. Thus, a medium one as armpit length hair is...
Dakato Johnson

Celebrities: bangs or no bangs?

Hair trends have been changing time by time depending on fashion, weather, culture, etc. Many of them last for long time, some pass quickly....
Layered Short Hair

Check out most outstanding images of famous women with short hair

When you are self- confident, you look still beautiful even when your hair is very short like a man’s. That is exactly the thing...
Billie Eilish Hair

Discover unique and eye-catching images of Billie Eilish hair

These days, the name Billie Eilish becomes a global phenomenon that almost people who love music know. Her full name is  Billie Eilish Pirate...
Farrah Fawcett Wig

Discover legendary wig styles via images of celebrities

If you think that having wig hairstyles is ugly and unnatural, you may get a very serious mistake. Using hair wig is really a...
Liza Koshy At Met Gala

Check out impressive images of Liza Koshy at Met Gala

Unlike the 365-day calendar as usual, the year in fashion often starts from February to September and Met Gala is one of typical event...
Emma Stone

What is Emma Stone’s natural hair color?

It can’t be denied that hair plays an important role in identity and an iconic look in Hollywood. The sexy actress Emma Stone has...
Ruby Rose Hair

Discover all the most beautiful styles of Ruby Rose hair

Ruby Rose Langenheim is well known for an Australian multi- talented celebrity. She has got successes in many different roles as a model, DJ,...
Nicki Minaj Pink Hair

Let’s discover all amazing images of Nicki Minaj hair

From the time she debuted as a rapper and singer, Nicki Minaj has been often attached her own image to the rebellious style with...
The Secret Behind Brigitte Bardot Hair

Back to the past with Brigitte Bardot hair

In the 1960s, the French movie-star and fashion model, Brigitte Bardot known for not only her talent but also her sexy beautiful hair. The...

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