Hair trends have been changing time by time depending on fashion, weather, culture, etc. Many of them last for long time, some pass quickly. Bangs are the same. They are in and then out, but still remarkable and beloved by a lot of celebrities. Let’s scroll down to see how different 4 celebrities look like with this hair trends – bangs or no bangs.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway remarked her career with series “The Princess Diaries”. We are impressed by the transformation from a shy and young girl into a glamorous princess of Genovia.

The Princess Diaries Anne Hathaway

After her success, Anne keeps changing and refreshing her look with different styles to challenge herself in different characters. In 2006, she played Andrea Sachs in “The Devil wears Prada” with bangs. This change brings out a new Anne Hathaway to the audience who get used to her middle part styles.

Anne Hathaway

In 2007, Anne came back with a classic image in “Becoming Jane”. Short curly bangs not only boost her pure beauty but also give her a romantic look. Accompanying classic costumes, the American actress becomes a noble lady with her sweet first love.

Anne Hathaway Becoming Jane

Especially, Anne impressed everyone with Emma in “One day” in 2011. Once again, she joined ugly duckling territory. In this Movie, Anne turns from faux-Bohemian college student to intellectual expat living and writing in Paris with short hair and swept fringe. She totally looks modern, smart and mature.

Anne Hathaway One Day

No matter what hairstyles, she absolutely looks gorgeous and charming. Bangs or no bangs, it doesn’t matter to Anne Hathaway at all.

Dakota Johnson

Mentioning to Dakota Johnson, you absolutely think about the series “Fifty shades” which is about the romantic relationship between Anastasia “Ana” Steele and Christian Grey. This American actress appeared with armpit-length hair and bangs. For audiences who haven’t known the actress before, this image impressed them by her pure beauty which is totally opposite with her sexual life with the main male character.

Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades

At 2017 Oscars, Dakota shocked their fan with a completely unrecognizable look. After a while after “Fifty shades of darker”, “Ana” grew her bangs and pined them back. This is absolutely a mistake. This hairstyle made the actress’s face looked like it was swollen. Also, she lost her young vibes in this shot. Luckily, since this event, Dakota has come back with bangs in different versions which both exude her charm and refresh her appearance. If you have round face, let’s find the most suitable hairdo for you at here.

Dakota Johnson 2017 Oscar


We usually remember about Rihanna as an independent and lusty woman. Thus, her sleek bone straight or high ponytail are two noticeable hairstyles of this powerful voice.

Rihanna High Ponytail

However, you shouldn’t forget her bangs which have bring out many versions of “Umbrella” voice. Riri has tried many different types of bang, let’s take a look.

Rihanna Wavy Bang

Recorded at 2016 Billboard Music Awards, brow-skimming bangs with tousled bob hair became popular and a hot hairstyles at that time. Rihanna looks natural and elegant as herself in this photo.

Rihanna Blunt Bob

Back to 2014 and 2015, Riri usually appeared in social media and events with blunt bob and thick bangs. It is so iconic that many hair vendors call their products as “Rihanna bob wig”. Now, poll the best look of her, bangs or no bangs?

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez started her career in Disney movies since she was 7. With her round face and bright smile, Selena quickly became famous with Disney lovers. In this period, we got used to this little actress’s hairstyle with swept fringe.

Selena Gomez In Disney Movie

After changing her career from a Disney actress to a singer, Selena always changes her hairstyle to refresh herself. Well-known from her first album in June 2010, “the little wizard Alex Russo” produced her second album in 2011. In short time, Selena brought new vibes to music world and received many awards such as choice love song, choice single, etc. In these years, “Love you like a love song” singer appeared with different hairstyles.

Selena Gomez When The Sun Goes Down 04

From a bob black wig with blunt-cut bangs …

Selena Gomez When The Sun Goes Down 01

… to bouffant styles with sleek fringe …

Selena Gomez When The Sun Goes Down 03

… and long straight hair.

From then to now, Selena Gomez has transformed herself in many styles. Although she has a round face frame as Dakota Johnson, she knows how to fit the hairdo perfectly.

For some people, bangs or no bangs don’t matter their beautiful face. However, you need to be careful in making your choice. You need to base on your face frame, skin color, fashion style, etc to decide the best one. However, it’s fun to try something new, right? It’s time to refresh your hair.

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