Traditionally, women with coarse hair sew weave hair extensions directly to their cornrows which takes a lot of time and causes damages to our natural tress.  If you cannot do this application method at home, it charges a lot when you go to hair salon.

Due to some reasons above, a new installation method of weave hair which is known as braidless sewin weave was born. What is it? Stay tuned, we will show you now.

Braidless Sewin Weave

  1. What is braidless sewin weave

The name of this method is self-explanatory. We don’t need any braid to sew the weave into it at all. So how we can attach hair extensions to our natural tress? It’s micro-ring! We also call it as L.A weave application or Hollywood weave.

I can say that this method is inspired from I-tip hair extensions application. However, the micro-ring here plays role as the fulcrum to hold the weave only. This method works with all hair (though it is highly recommended to fine hair). Especially, to apply this method, you need long hair enough because it is for hair addition only. Many coarse hair people loves to change their texture completely with hair extensions or their hair is too short for this one. If so, this application is not for them.

Weave Hair Extensions

  1. Pros and cons of braidless sewin weave

The advantages

  • No pain, no damage. As far as we know, the braids themselves cause a lot of pressure to our scalp. Then, we add the weave in it weighing the cornrows down. Thus, our scalp has to suffer a lot of pain. At the same time, natural tress also gets damages such as breakages.
  • Quicker application. Braiding is a really long process. Hence, we shave up this time at least.
  • It is flatter than traditional sewin. As its name, micro-ring is tiny so it’s light-weighted and comfortable when you sleep.
  • Ability to do different hairstyles. You can style your hair without worrying someone can detect your hair extensions. Get some ideas from our blog here.

The disadvantages

  • No short hair girl included. As we mention above, you need to have enough hair length or we cannot apply this method.
  • High cost. You can try it at home, but it is better to visit a professional hair salon or you can hurt your scalp.
  • Hair care problem. It may be too slippery for micro-rings if you too much conditioner, natural oils, etc to take care of you hair. Thus, you should reduce them or alternative them with other hair remedies.
  1. How to apply braidless sewin weave


Braidless Sewin Weave Tools

  • Pulling hooks
  • A pliers
  • Micro-ring
  • Thread and needle
  • Hair extensions
  • A tail comb
  • Hair clips or elastic bands
  • Hot styling tool

Application step by step

Step 1: Separate your hair horizontally.

Normally, it takes 2-3 rows to have full application depending on your natural hair thickness as well as your desired volume. Thus, you should use your tail comb to section the hair and secure it with clips or elastic bands.

Step 2: Secure micro-ring

It’s time to pulling hooks and micro-ring. You need to make sure that, there is a gap from the micro-ring and the scalp and the gap between micro-ring as well. It should be ½ inches in distance. Especially, don’t pulling your hair down, let it naturally. Then, use the pliers to secure it.

Step 3: Sew the weave in

You just need to be careful or you may hurt your scalp with the needle. Hence, a curved needle will make sense.

La Sewin Weave

Step 4: Finish your hairstyles

If your natural hair doesn’t blend perfectly, an iron flat will help. Also, you can make some waves or curls for a glamorous look if you wish. And done!

Does all the things above convince you to try this braidless sewin weave? We hope this post is informative for you. Follow us to know more about hair beauty. In case you want to buy high quality human hair weave, click to this link to shop it online now.


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