Talking about beautiful short hairstyles, almost people think about wavy short hair or pixie hair. However, there is a haircut which is extremely impressive and loved by a lot of celebrities all over the world. It is blunt cut bob.

This short hairstyle can help the owner have a completely outstanding and different appearance from others. Today, let’s together with Luxshinehair check out blunt bob cut styles of global famous women and see how they mix unique styles to have the best images!

Blunt Cut Bob- Celebrities

1. Blunt cut bob middle part

The second sister of Kardashian family is exactly a big fan of blunt cut bob when she has a lot of different styles with it. One of these impressive styles is her ombre blunt cut bob with middle part hair.

Not only is she a celebrity but she is also a successful businesswoman so that having middle part hair helps her look absolutely mature and powerful. Blunt hair is really a wise choice of her. However, instead of having blunt lob, she has short blunt cut bob. Short hair is both comfortable and full of personality that helps her always be self- confident and charming.

Khloé Kardashian- Ombre Blunt Bob

Obviously, we can’t ignore her impressive ombre hair. Dyeing hair with dark roots and bright blonde ends of hair gives the image which is extremely harmonious and outstanding. Having some soft hair waves replacing straight hair is creative and attractive. Khloé is really a master in choosing the suitable and beautiful blunt cut, right?

Kim Kardashian- Platinum blonde long blunt cut bob

If Khloé Kardashian likes short blunt cut bob, Kim Kardashian is often loyal to long blunt bob styles. Especially, Kim looks absolutely attractive when she has this hairstyle with platinum blonde hair color.

With shoulder length size, her hair looks relatively longer and more impressive than other short hairstyles. She has this blunt cut with a bit natural dark roots and the rest dyed with the dazzling platinum blonde hair hue. For women who don’t want to make hair get more damage or breakage, this is really worth- trying suggestion.

Kim Kardashian- Platinum Blonde Long Blunt Cut Bob

Of course, with this style, keeping middle part hair is the most suitable choice because both sides of her hair will look very regular and balanced. Besides, this straight blunt cut bob style gives the natural and sleek image. It helps Kim’s face look slimmer and much more graceful.

Rihanna- Black blunt cut bob

Different from siblings of Kardashian family who often have blunt haircuts with outstanding bright hair colors, Rihanna likes black blunt cut bob styles. Rihanna has a lot of styles with black blunt cut and these two styles below are the most impressive.

Straight black blunt cut bob

Rihanna wants to keep black hair for the most natural and suitable images. In addition, her sleek black hair absolutely fits her strong brown skin tone and makes her look full of charm. Blunt cut bob hairstyle with straight texture is simple but it is never out of fashion. It both brings to Rihanna the mature appearance and helps her real hair to be protected from damage of unnecessary hair bleaching and dying processes.

Straight Black Blunt Cut Bob

Curly black blunt cut bob

Who says that blunt cut bob is only for straight hairstyle? You can completely make every style you want for hair providing that it still keeps the blunt texture. Rihanna also has middle part style as common but she changes her hair into the attractive curly style. Her slick wet black hair with this curly style not looks tedious but very eye- catching and creative. Combining it with suitable makeup and fashion style, Rihanna is exactly the most charming woman.

Curly Blunt Cut Bob

2. Blunt cut bob side part

Kylie Jenner- Side part blunt cut short bob

It sounds like all siblings of Kardashian family are fans of blunt cut bob styles. Kylie Jenner is also not an exception. However, different from her elder sisters, Kylie chooses herself side part blunt cut bob with shorter hair.

He has slick chin length bob hairstyle with natural black hair color. With the help of hairspray, her hair looks quite bright and catchy. Side part hair makes her baby face become much more mature. With this image, Kylie’s beauty is completely not worse than her sisters’.

Kylie Jenner - Side Part Blunt Cut Short Bob

Katy Perry- Platinum blonde blunt cut

Blunt cut bob is essentially an outstanding style which attracts the attention of millions women, including celebrities. Thus, when it is combined with the radiant platinum blonde hair color, it becomes the style which is more impressive than ever. Of course, no one can have this style better than Katy Perry- one of the most rebellious singers of the American Showbiz.

Like Kim Kardashian, Katy has platinum blonde long blunt cut bob. However, instead of remaining natural black hair roots, she dyes her whole hair with this dazzling color. Her lovely white face also looks more elegant and mature with side part hair style.

Katy Perry - Platinum Blonde Blunt Cut

Kendall Jenner- soft wavy blunt bob

Kendall Jenner has a beautiful face and a sexy body. It is not difficult for her to have an impressive blunt bob style. Kendall chooses to have blunt bob cut with soft hair waves and natural dark brown hair color. This combination on hair is perfect for charming women like Kendall to catch others’ eyes without making tactless images.

She doesn’t make a clear hairline on hair to make a common side part style. Instead, Kendall turn her hair on side naturally and that helps her have a more impressive blunt bob style than ever.

Kendall Jenner- Soft Wavy Blunt Bob

Gigi Hadid- Combed back blunt bob

Our beautiful supermodel Gigi Hadid also does not ignore trendy blunt cut bob styles. On the red carpet of AMAs, she takes all other people by surprise with her combed back blunt bob which looks extremely fresh and attractive.

Indeed, this style does not completely belong to side part style but it looks quite similar. Almost her hair is combed back but pulled on a side of head. It is exactly the thing making her appearance become more outstanding than the others. In addition, Gigi has her hair with shades of dark brown and honey blonde color. The harmonious combination between these two unique colors and the flattering blunt bob hairstyle helps Gigi look so bright at the event.


Gigi Hadid- Combed Back Blunt Bob

3. Blunt cut bob with bangs

Taylor Swift- blunt short bob with bangs

Talking about celebrities having beautiful blunt cut bob styles, we can’t ignore the name Taylor Swift. The reputation of the “Snake Queen” has been too famous and she is one of famous singers who looks the most attractive with hairstyles with bangs.

Taylor has a long but thin face so that having short bob hair with bangs is really a wonderful choice so as to hide these unexpected shortcomings on her face. Thanks to bangs, her face look much more harmonious. Whereas, blunt short cut helps her face become much lovelier and sweeter.

Let’s see her “Blank Space” song lyrics again! “Cherry lips, crystal skies! I could show you incredible things”.  This is exactly things we see on Taylor Swift blunt short bob with bangs, isn’t it? Moreover, this impressive short hairstyle is dyed with sleek ash brown which looks so bright and eye- catching, right?

Taylor Swift- blunt short bob with bangs

Jill Winternitz- Wavy blunt bob with thick bangs

Jill Winternitz owns a bright and harmonious face so that her appearance can fit many different hairstyles, including blunt cut bob. However, instead of choosing common blunt styles, she chooses to have wavy blunt bob with thick bangs.

Loose wavy hair is soft and voluminous so that it makes her hair look thicker and much more stunning. Having curved bangs is also not a bad idea. They help her face look more balanced and younger than that of her real age. She also dyes hair with bright chestnut brown– the color which is never out of fashion. Of course, that combination is so great!

Jill Winternitz- Wavy Blunt Bob With Thick Bangs

Having layered style for hair is never a bad idea. Especially when it is combined with the unique blunt cut bob, hair layers become much more brighter. Nina Dobrev is very successful when having this style with blunt bangs.

Instead of having a casual straight blunt cut, Nina has layered wavy hair. It looks softer than wavy hair but impressive enough to the others. This style both helps her remove damaged hair ends and brings to her the new appearance which is younger and much more charming. Having dark brown hair is always the safe choice but it is suitable with her age as well as her image she would like to show for other people.

These images of celebrities’ blunt cut bob are so beautiful and impressive, aren’t they? You can also have gorgeous hairstyles like theirs with blunt cut bob weave or blunt cut bob wig. Luxshinehair‘s high qualities hair extensions can help you to do that. Therefore, let’s contact us if you like to have this style in the soonest time with the best results!

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