People say that women with blonde hair are beautiful and full of charm. Obviously, they are loved by almost women in the world. However, to have blonde styles, you have to style, bleach and dye your real hair. These effects can make hair become weaker and easier to be damaged. Thus, why don’t you try using blonde hair extensions? Every trouble will be completely solved.

1. Basic description

Commonly, people choose to use real human hair extensions instead of using alternative ones such as synthetic hair, mixed hair or silicon hair. Real extensions give effects which are more natural, durable and beautiful. Whereas, fake products can make you meet unexpected trouble of hair and scalp. Obviously, the price of blonde real human hair is more expensive but it is worthy.

Using Blonde Hair Extensions

Hair extensions with blonde colors are designed with many different types and textures so as to meet various demands of customers. The most popular ones are blonde bulk hair and blonde weave hair. They are traditional and easy to be remade into other types according to the demand of buyers. Besides, if you want to apply these hair products as soon as possible, you have many other choices like blonde hair clip ins, tape, wig, lace closure, lace frontal, ponytail hair, etc. Each kind has its strengths that attract you.

2. Benefits when using good blonde hair extensions

Safeness and Convenience

This is the important standard that all people need when using hair extensions. When you get these good hair extensions from prestigious brands, you will never have to worry about their safeness. Not only are hair strands natural but they are fragrant and bright without shedding, breakage or hair lice as well.

If you bleach and dye hair directly, you will have to spend 3 hours at least to complete. However, when you install hair extensions, you can only take some minutes and all is perfect.

Safeness And Convenience

Various colors

There are many shades of blonde and all of them are gorgeous. From soft shades such as honey blonde, dark blonde to lighter shades like creamy blonde, platinum blonde, all can make you feel satisfied. To have thorough, you can discover directly at the website of the hair brand that you choose.

Various Shades

Impressive length

The quickest way to have long hairstyles in a very short time is using hair extensions. Obviously, blonde hair extensions can also have ideal length sizes as original hair extensions. Commonly, the length of hair strands that brands supply varies from 6 inches to 32 inches. Thus, they can give you ideal images that you expect.

Impressive length

Unique styles

Hair extensions are very popular these day so that their textures are always upgraded. If you want to have the most natural images, you can buy blonde straight hair extensions. Apart from the normal natural straight style, textures of kinky straight or yaki straight are also very impressive and make the blonde color become much more outstanding.

Wavy Blonde Hair Extensions

Whereas, you can find for blonde wavy hair extensions with loose waves, deep waves, fumi waves, water waves, etc or blonde curly hair extensions with deep curls, loose curls, romantic curls, etc to make hair look more creative. Choices are unlimited and styles are extremely impressive. Why don’t you try them?

3. Some images of celebrities with blonde hair extensions

A lot of celebrities in the world like using blonde hair extensions because they make their appearance become more charming and outstanding than ever.

Khloe Kardashian

Different from her sister Kim Kardashian who often uses unique black hair extensions, Khloe likes wearing blonde hair extensions. She looks extremely young and sexy with this style. No matter how long hair extensions are, they really fit the appearance of this celeb perfectly.

Khloe Kardashian Hair Transformation

Katy Perry

Katy Perry often changes her color to have the most outstanding images. Obviously, blonde hairstyles are also loved by her. She especially likes hair extensions with light shades of blonde such as platinum blonde or honey blonde. Let’s see, she looks so gorgeous!

Katy Perry's Blonde Hair

Taylor Swift

Taylor likes blonde hair shades and she also often chooses blonde hair extensions with different texture to renew her image. No matter how her style is, soft or rebellious, blonde hair styles make her look so beautiful

Taylor Swift Blonde Hair

These are some information that we would like to show you about blonde hair extensions. We hope that they will be useful for your choice. If you need good blonde hair extensions, you can visit Luxshinehair. This is really a prestigious brand that you can completely believe in.

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How to take care Blonde hair extensions


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