For decades, long black hair has become an immortal symbol of Vietnamese women. The feminine beauty of Vietnamese women in Áo Dài with long black hair has leaved such a deep impression on international friends that they immediately think about Vietnam virgin hair when someone mentions Vietnam.

It is not too surprised to see black hair is the top choice of many celebrities. So why does black hair never go out of style?

Black hair refers to  natural beauty

why does black hair never 1

It can not be denied that black hair is one of the most typical features of Asian women. The results of many surveys reveal that boys have a tendency to prefer girls with long black hair because of its natural beauty.

Today, many women would like to try different hair color to refresh their image. However, chemicals in hair dyes can make your Vietnam virgin hair dry, rough, tangle, lifeless and even lead to hair loss. So, it is necessary to limit the number of times you color your Vietnam virgin hair to ensure “the health” of your hair. 

Black hair suits yellow skin of Vietnamese women

The fact is that colored hair not only makes your skin brighter but also creates a distinctive style. Nevertheless, it does not always match yellow skin color of every Asian woman. Normally, the colors of Vietnam virgin hair like pink, blue, green and grey are perfectly suitable for any one with white skin, while black hair is quite suitable for the majority of Vietnamese women.

why does black hair never 2

Black hair suits different clothes, accessories and make up styles

One of the biggest advantages of black hair is that it is easy for you to put clothes and accessories together. Furthermore, black hair is suitable for different make up styles. If you put on light make up, black hair will enhance your grace and gentleness. On the other hand, your Vietnam virgin hair in black can be a way for you to express your individuality and uniqueness, to show your attractive face angles by sharp make up. As a result, black hair is considered as a close companion of fashion. Surely every one knows the legend in the model field, Naomi Campbell, who is always loyal to black hair from the very beginning of her modeling career no matter what style she decides to choose.

why does black hair never 3

As can be seen, black hair is not rustic at all but it is always a symbol of grace, charm and elegance. Sometimes the simplicity is the natural source of beauty.



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